Journalism Showdown

Two weeks from now, the Journalism class at my school will be participating in a smash tournament amongst the class. For my blog this week I will be giving a prediction based on how I think the skill of my classmates is in smash.

For those of you readers that don’t know what Super Smash Bros Ultimate is, it is a game that consists of fighters trying to stay on top of a platform. Characters have a bunch of different attacks these include a neutral smash, a side smash, up smash, and a down smash on top of these attacks there are the same directions but with a light attack. Heavy attacks do more damage at the cost that they leave an opening at the end of the attack for the opponent to take advantage of.

The ordering of placements will go like this (I’m not going to use their names for privacy I will use their initials)

The list goes from first to last

  • E.H.
  • N.J.
  • A.K.
  • C.C.
  • H.L.
  • Z.D.
  • S.H.
  • B.M.
  • E.S.

Wildcards: Z.Z., C.H., F.A.

E.H. Has the game and plays it a lot, so I trust his skill.

N.J. plays with E.H. a lot and supposedly is very good, so he makes the number two spot.

C.C. recently got the game and had been playing it a lot.

H.L. plays smash on her brother’s switch in preparation for the tourney.

Z.D. hasn’t played a lot of Smash but has a lot of prior game knowledge.

A.K. plays games to my knowledge but I don’t know how much, I just know how good others are.

B.M. plays Madden so he knows how to strategies, so I think he’ll do pretty well.

E.S. doesn’t play games and when she did it was quite disappointing.

F.A. I’ve never seen him play a videogame ever he says he knows how, though, so he’s gonna be a wildcard.

Z.Z. is a bit of a mystery to me because I have no clue of her videogame knowledge, so I put her at the bottom but she is a bit of a wildcard.

C.H. confuses me because I don’t know if he plays videogames, so he’s another wildcard.

Credit: Demon Gaming

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