Poop Maps

It’s march again, and since last year we have been running a poop maps league. Basically, “poop maps” is an app where you log your poops and it keeps track of them, and then of course you can make a group of poopers and it counts all the poops you’ve made since you joined the group. So this marks the second annual poop maps competition.

Last year, I think Adam won the poop maps league, his in-game username is “prunesensei” referring to a very hard dry poop. The usernames themselves are just as funny as the whole poop league competition. Mine’s “thepoojeww” Logan’s is “dunmper_daddy” and of course, there’s “emanuelzagatalogabson”. This year I’m hoping to make it in the top 5. I don’t think winning is gonna be possible this year as Ben has about six poops in one day, and if he keeps that pace up he’s projected to hit 180 poops this month, which is just a crazy number.

Anyway, I’ll keep you all updated as the competition moves forward.

Poop Map - Apps on Google Play
Credit: play.google.com/poopmaps


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