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Cry Me a River, Or Don’t

I don’t cry often, or at least not as much as people assume I do. Before I turned nine, my tears had no depth. I would cry because I couldn’t get the Barbie I wanted, or because I wasn’t allowed … Continue reading

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Good Blogs

Recently I found some really good blogs online. Some are formal, some are more about daily life. One of my favorite is called “Jaron Report.” “Jaron Report” is a journalism blog that is run by Jaron Gilinsky, a video journalist, … Continue reading

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Curtain Call

As this year is drawing to an end, this is my last mandatory blog. I wanted to take a second and thank all you have read my blog through my year in this class, but this isn’t the last of … Continue reading

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So it is essentially the end of the school year at this point and a lot has changed over the last year. I have lived a year of new experiences. At the beginning I was excited, but fear always gripped … Continue reading

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Intertwining Reality

A single piece of energy, Moving at the end of the universe. The beginning and the end. the universe has receded to this. It’s become something of a mystery to those involved, though I don’t think they care. It was … Continue reading

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The shapes of words

Lets start with a letter. A letter would be the theoretical point of the word world points can be arranged in many ways, as can letters. letters form words as points connect to form lines. Lines are manipulated to become … Continue reading

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The Blog is Snowing!!

Hello folks, I haven’t talked to you in a bit. I hopped on WordPress to see what was going on and to see what people have been saying on here only to find that the blog was snowing. There are … Continue reading

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