Shredding the Absolute Gnar

This last weekend I went on a school trip to Mammoth Mountain, and I am learning to snowboard. On the first day of the trip, I did some pretty basic tricks and went on many runs including many greens and blues. The next day, I went to shred the park and learn how to do a couple of new tricks on a snowboard.

credit: Me

The first video was my third attempt at hitting a cannon. A cannon is a large cylinder that is slid on and can be done sideways or straight on. I opted for hitting it straight on as it is much easier than hitting it sideways or in a boardslide. Doing a cannon looks really easy and the only hard part of riding on the cannon is getting on it because some of them have a small gap in between the cannon and the jump onto it.

Credit: Me

The second video was a different cannon in the park that I hit after feeling much more comfortable on the cannons and my snowboard. I hit this obstacle with a little more speed and from a different angle than the previous cannon.

Credit: Me

Not every trick is a success at first and sometimes you fall, I’m planning on going back and destroying the rail. During spring break, I am going back up to June Mountain and my plan is to go to the park and destroy all the obstacles. I also might be getting my own snowboard soon, I am thinking about getting a Yes. board or a Signal board.

Credit: Ride Snowboards

I want a Board with a mix of park and all-mountain potential because I really enjoy hitting rails and then taking a break and going to some powder and hitting some groomers.

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