Shocking Shoes

Last weekend, I attempted to buy a pair of white shoes for a job that I have recently gotten, but I found out that the pair of shoes that I wanted to get was sold out at the Nike store I went to. After I found this out, it got me wondering about Nike statistics and how many shoes they sold annually. Let’s just say that the amount of shoes sold annually is quite shocking. This number is around 780 million pairs sold annually. Shockingly 800 million dollars are made from sales of Air Force 1s alone. Let’s just say the average price of an Air Force is 100$, this one style of shoe comes in three main styles lows, mids, and highs. That means there was an estimated 8 million pairs of shoes made every year. That means that you could give everyone in LA two pairs of Air Forces and some leftover. It seems that even with the number made every year they are always sold out. As I was told by the Nike employee that I asked, they almost never have them in stock because they are being bought constantly and the only time they really have them is when someone returns them. Nike makes around 30 billion dollars per fiscal year meaning that Air Force 1s make up around 2.6% of Nike’s annual revenue.

Image Credit: Nike

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