Locker Room Debacle

After the previous stories that I have written regarding my various injuries, they become quite interesting as I left elementary and began middle school. This next injury was one that I could have completely avoided but because I was a stupid middle schooler and I had no common sense. To begin this injury took place in my school’s locker room and was yet again another head injury. Let me set the stage for you, it was close to the end of the year so my school had begun doing swimming for PE, this lead to the need to use the locker room to change in and out of swim trunks. Because we were swimming we used towels and anyone whos anyone knows what an adolescent boy is given a towel and put in a locker room with a bunch of other boys, (if you didn’t get this already I mean towel whips). Continuing with the story, we had finished swimming and were in the locker room changing and I decided that it was a good idea to spin my towel up and whip a kid right in the butt. Thinking back on this decision, it was the worst thing that I could do at the time. After I whipped this kid he turned around and pushed me really hard right in the chest knocking me over onto the ground. At the time I didn’t realize I was hurt other than my head hurting a bit. But about 20 minutes later I rubbed my head and when I looked down at my hand I saw a crap ton of blood, I then rushed to the bathroom to try and see the cut on my head. I couldn’t get a good look at the back of my head for obvious reasons, but luckily one of my friends at the time walked into the bathroom and I had him look at my head to see what was going on under my hair. It turned out that I had cut my head when I fell and didn’t notice until about 25 minutes later. The cut lead to me needing ten stitches and adding another injury to my list.

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A Crucial Mistake

When I was five I moved into the house that I live in now and when my family moved in we had some friends over. Around three months after we had moved in we decided to have a barbeque with some of our friends from the next town over. While we were doing this the parents were sat inside the house while my friend and I played in the front yard with some soccer balls and other things. We then decided to play with the horseshoes that we had found in the back yard, these shoes were very rusty and not at all safe to play with, but we were little boys so we did it anyway. We began to play our own version of horseshoes where we stood on opposing sides of the field, this was a horrible idea because it meant we were throwing these rusty horseshoes at each other. About ten minutes into this activity me friend threw a horseshoe that happened to line up with my head, not fun. It hit me in the forehead spitting it open and leaving a large gash. But I didn’t know this because I had applied so much pressure to it that no blood was coming out. This led to my mom removing my hand and a fountain of blood pouring out. She then took me to the ER to get stitches and I was sent on my way with a fun story and a scar to prove it.

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My second set of stitches

The events in this story happened after my last story’s events so I suggest you read that one first. After I had healed from jumping into the hot tub. It was a rainy day in my home town, so my PE class was being held in the school gym instead of on the field where it usually was held. We got there and were instructed to take our shoes off so that we didn’t get the floor of the gym wet and slippery, this was a big mistake in my opinion because I kept my socks on. We were doing fun things like dodgeball and just passing the balls, but the problem arose when we started to throw some things in the air and catching them. As I was doing this I somehow made it over to the pile of shoes. I threw the little sheet thing in the air up and ran forward tripping over the shoes and falling forward onto my face. I just so happened to fall right on my freshly healed chin splitting it open again. I remember feeling the sting that happens when I had gashed my chin before. I grabbed it like I had before to keep the blood in but I looked and saw the puddle of blood on the ground and I knew that it was bad. I rushed to the nurses where they called my mom and told me I needed stitches. There is still blood stains on the floor from that event almost eleven years ago.

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Orcas vs. Horses?

Orcas, or killer whales, have been kept in captivity since 1961, and there have been books and movies made about them and how cruel it is to use them for our entertainment. As I read Death at SeaWorld (and watched Blackfish), I started to think about the similarities between horses and orcas in “captivity.”

Both are large, potentially dangerous, and used for entertainment and sport. Both have caused injury, both have caused death, and both are highly intelligent and (seem to) experience emotions and moods.

The only difference I see is that horses have been domesticated for 5500 years, which is far more than the 50 or so years that orcas have been kept captive. Somehow, I feel like the domestication, and perhaps usefulness, is what’s saving horses from being “liberated.”

Our horses, like the orcas, are kept cooped up in small stalls, while feral horses can travel 65-80 km daily for food, water, and shelter. To rid their energy before riding, we make our horses run in circles around us in a little pen.

Horses can get “moody” and “off.” Sometimes they’ll refuse jumps, buck for no reason, or refuse to slow down while trotting or cantering. So we blame the rider, trainer, or the weather. Orcas can be like that too, refusing trainer orders or protesting in their guttural language.

After I was flung off my pony and broke my clavicle rather terribly, I couldn’t do much of anything but sit in my room all day. I still can’t ride, but I can lunge and groom as long as I’m careful. The pony that bucked me off didn’t seem crazy, guilty, or dangerous whatsoever, and I felt no fear or trauma while looking at him. I was injured so severely that my bone was in danger of impaling through my shoulder and I required a two-hour surgery, and something like that sticks in your mind.

Huge controversies came up and multiple rules were put into place when the first orca injured its trainer, yet when I was injured by my pony my friend was instructed to keep riding him because he “shouldn’t be allowed off that easy.”

I don’t think my pony’s intentions were to hurt me, just like I think that killer whales don’t really want to kill us. But if I were stuck in a cubicle, working for hours with little to no rewards, I would probably go a little nutty and stir-crazy.

Just sayin’.

The Hill


The hill, what is it.

It’s a large ferocious creature composed of leaves and long rotted metal.

People must descend upon it.

All in order to retrieve what was lost.

What was lost?


The trek for the items  came to an end.

When all of the items were found.

The ascent was more dangerous and fearsome.

The journey was finally finished the pain had barely begun.

Kevin Ware

There are no other words I feel comfortable putting in this title. I’m not going to show you guys the video or anything like that. This is mainly about how hard an athlete has to work to reach his goals. Kevin Ware is no different than anyone in the sense that he worked hard at what he loved. He loved basketball and because of what happened yesterday, he can probably never play again.

By now, just about everyone knows about the Kevin Ware incident. He jumped up to block a shot and while landing, his leg crumpled in a number of spots. According to reports, his tibia went through his skin and was exposed. This goes down as possibly one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports. It’s right up there with Joe Theismann.

I don’t want to talk about it too much. But what I do want to point out is something I saw on Facebook the other day. There was a picture by Adidas posted on their wall, asking the public “Is there anyone on YOUR team that brings out the best in you?”. I immediately started thinking about players I had competed with at any given time. I thought of a few, but after this moment in the game yesterday, I undoubtedly believe that Ware is one of the most inspirational players I’ve ever seen.

He spoke to his coach Rick Pitino and some of his teammates as he was being tied to the stretcher. “Just win the game” he said to his teammates.

A man who is laying on the ground with part of his bone out of his skin still tries to rally his teammates. And it worked.

Louisville won by 22 points and buried Duke. It was inspirational, and I wish Kevin Ware the very best.

Don’t Worry About It

This past Saturday our football team had our last league game against the Laguna Blanca Owls.

Contrary to how I was feeling going into this game, and what I wished had happened, we did not end up winning, but lost our fifth consecutive game.

Sadly this season came to an end sooner than I had hoped, and not the way I wanted to leave the field.

We finished with a final score of 44-26.

That is much closer than some games we have played, and once again we played a great second half, but it takes more than that to win football games.

We did not start off with a defense that was aggressive enough to set the tone early.

While we did stuff many plays, the Owls were able to put points up with more ease than they should have had.

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I have been sidelined at every football game this season. I have not played a down of football in a game this year. This is all due to a small fracture in my ring finger that I injured during practice.

I injured on a play during practice where I rushed the quarterback and was blocked. my finger happened to get caught in another player’s jersey.

The fracture wasn’t very large, but my finger was rotated halfway sideways and wouldn’t move.

I stopped playing and after practice had it wrapped up. It wouldn’t move and I didn’t feel hopeful.

The results from the X-ray proved my fears.

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Dang sports, you scary!!!

Today, as I’m sure the spectators of the OVS girls’ soccer game witnessed, freshman Ali Fortier took a strong kick directly in the face, causing her to have a serious bloody nose. Now, I know this isn’t the usual Worst Person in Sports that I’m sure you readers are accustomed to, and I promise I’ll be back at that later. But I felt like this particular game needed to be addressed.

Not only did the OVS squad play a girl down for the entire game, but the fighting spirit by all of the girls was there from the opening kickoff. Despite the score, it was really a thrilling game to witness.

However, I was appalled to witness that the opposing team, which I will refer to as “Team X” continued to run up the score after Ali Fortier was forced to head to the sideline with that ball to the face that I mentioned earlier.

For about 25 minutes of play, OVS played with 8 position players and a goalie while Team X played with 10 position players and a goalie.

The worst part? Team X was winning by about 4 goals. The game was far out of reach.

So why, might I ask, did the coach even warrant this atrocious mindset? Why was this allowed?

I would love to hear feedback from any readers because this just shocks me.