Kevin Ware

There are no other words I feel comfortable putting in this title. I’m not going to show you guys the video or anything like that. This is mainly about how hard an athlete has to work to reach his goals. Kevin Ware is no different than anyone in the sense that he worked hard at what he loved. He loved basketball and because of what happened yesterday, he can probably never play again.

By now, just about everyone knows about the Kevin Ware incident. He jumped up to block a shot and while landing, his leg crumpled in a number of spots. According to reports, his tibia went through his skin and was exposed. This goes down as possibly one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports. It’s right up there with Joe Theismann.

I don’t want to talk about it too much. But what I do want to point out is something I saw on Facebook the other day. There was a picture by Adidas posted on their wall, asking the public “Is there anyone on YOUR team that brings out the best in you?”. I immediately started thinking about players I had competed with at any given time. I thought of a few, but after this moment in the game yesterday, I undoubtedly believe that Ware is one of the most inspirational players I’ve ever seen.

He spoke to his coach Rick Pitino and some of his teammates as he was being tied to the stretcher. “Just win the game” he said to his teammates.

A man who is laying on the ground with part of his bone out of his skin still tries to rally his teammates. And it worked.

Louisville won by 22 points and buried Duke. It was inspirational, and I wish Kevin Ware the very best.

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