Gleek Out

Tonight, yet anther Glee episode will air. The show is in its fourth season, seventeenth episode. And it just keeps getting worse and worse.

When the show first started, I had no idea what it was about. I remember hearing my classmates talk about it almost incessantly, and finally, I watched the first episode. I liked it, but I wasn’t in love. I did like it enough to keep watching though.

The more I watched it, the more I enjoyed it. Until somewhere in the second or third season, I stopped watching almost completely, only to resume my regime at the beginning of the most recent season. But I have to say, out of all the seasons, even though I have stopped watching several times previously, this is by far, the worst.

The show has turned from a somewhat realistic portrayal of high-school life, minus the singing and dancing in school hallways of course. It used to be that the show addressed real issues, and it felt like I was watching actual people, not just actors following a script word for word.

That is no longer the case. The show has turned into a mash-pit of cheesy romance, roommate problems, cattiness, and  downright terrible acting.

I remember a particular episode a couple weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, episode 14 called “I Do“. It followed the wedding of the show’s two favorite teachers, which was of course, on Valentine’s Day. Predictably enough, Mr. Schuester is left at the altar by the bride to be, and everyone else at the wedding has a one-night stand.

There was also a revolting amount of pink.

This episode was just one example of many other cheesy episodes this new season has brought with it. I’m disappointed with the direction this show has taken, and I hope they can get back on track. I sincerely doubt it though.

Season 4



In the world of Hip-Hop you know you have made it when you get an interview from Narduwar the human serviette. He is a charismatic interviewer with a distinctive interview style.

He does extensive research on each person he interviews and finds out their musical influences.

Enough explaining this interview is fantastic, and really gives a look into the musical influences of these musicians.

A Blackened Journey


A man covered in soot walks into the desert.

He goes there, not to stain the desert with his blackness.

But to make peace between a fox and a snake.

A leader angry and dejected receives the blackened man.

Do the talks go well?

Yes the man and a leader walk arm and arm.

Their cooperation brings a sense of security to the desert.

Not all are happy however.

The snake bites repeatedly stabbing the man with his fang.

The leader and the blackened man do not care.

They part ways but remember each other.

Both will never forget what they promised.

The Rolling Stone is Wrong. Part Three.

I’ve already discredited the Rolling Stone’s greatest guitarists list and their greatest singers list, so I might as well keep going and discredit their greatest artist list.

The Real Greatest Artists of all time

1.   The Rolling Stone says: The Beatles

      Jack Beverly says: The Beatles

Hey! Look at that we actually agreed. Well, I mean, it’s kind of hard to disagree on this one. I mean, the Beatles just are the best. I really don’t think there’s anyone out there that would disagree with us either. I mean, who hasn’t heard of the Beatles? And who doesn’t know the whole chorus to “Yellow Submarine”?

Key Track:

2.   Rolling Stone says: Bob Dylan

       Jack Beverly says: The Rolling Stones

       I know, this list is not very original, but there’s no way the Stones are going anywhere below number two. It’s kind of strange how a couple of English kids made music that sounded so authentic and bluesy. Still, one of the greatest debates to have about music is what’s a better album, Beggar’s Banquet or Exile on Main Street.  It’s Exile on Main Street, in case you were wondering.

Key Track:

3.   Rolling Stone says: Elvis

      Jack Beverly Says: Chuck Berry

      It might be easier to say who Chuck Berry hasn’t influenced. His style of guitar and just pure excellence drove the Beatles and the Stones to their first hit songs. Just like Robert Johnson was the father of the Blues, Chuck Berry was the father of Rock n Roll. His music transcended racial boundaries for one of the first times in music history. But don’t worry, even though he’s in his eighties, he’s still playing concerts around the world.

Key Track:

Time to Design Life.

Recently, I have been doing a story on our school’s new costume design program. And as a approach to the story, I find myself also attracted by the power of design.

In the story, the concept of the “dress form” confused people a lot, especially for people who don’t understand the differences between a “dress form” and a “mannequin.” Therefore, I decide to write a blog to make it clear that these two items are TOTALLY different.

First of all, a dress form is a three-dimensional model used for sewing or displaying clothing. Tailors and dress makers use dress forms to work and construct dresses in order to make them more capable and fit to human bodies. Therefore, in my story, Ms. Beverly used a dress form to hold the bodice, so that her student can decorate it by hand.

Mannequins are derived from the concept of dress forms, but mannequins are mostly used to display fashion items such as dresses, handbags and coats. The first fashion display mannequin was made and used in France in the mid-19th century. Mannequins were first made of chewed paper and then made of wax, glass, and plastic. They usually have the arms and legs part. Therefore, a mannequin focuses more on the entire body effects.

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The Eagle takes the Desert


The desert was once a peaceful place.

Dangers that existed were simply sand and time.

The Eagle however was not happy.

Collision and building of a great city shook the eagle.

Thus to take vengeance he flew to the desert.

The desert’s people could do little against the Eagle.

Although their leader was wrong he did not deserve an attack.

Those under the Eagle speak of why the desert was attacked.

The true reason lies in nourishment.

Nourishment of body.

Nourishment of machine.

Nourishment of the world.

The Eagle shatters the quietness of the desert.

Victory comes swiftly as the Eagle steals the life of the desert.