Need to Skate

Seeing as the hockey season has been over for about a month or so I haven’t been on the ice as much.

The season just started this past Thursday, but sadly I had to bench myself and sit in bed at home sick.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd game of the season and I am ecstatic about lacing up the skates and going out to play hockey.

I honestly have not skated as much as I should have in this off season, but hey I can’t be perfect.

What I really need is to find time to start lifting in the gym again, but I have no idea where that is going to fit in.

This season is going to be the one, I feel it.

Last season brought some new faces to Team USA, myself included, but this season we have all worked together and we know what we are walking into.

It is time to get down to business and change the face of Team USA.

I only had two goals last season and I’m planning on bringing that up quite a bit.

Playing hockey feels like nothing else in the world. It is a high no drug could ever achieve.

It is the one time I’m not thinking about anything else.

I don’t worry about school or girls or family.

I just play.

I let my body speak for me.

My mind is thinking about hockey and hockey only, but it is not a strenuous though. It is second nature to me.

I have work to do to improve my level of play to hopefully start playing at a higher level next year, and possibly in college.

I am very excited to get back out on ice and sweat all of this sickness out.

It will be rough seeing as my body is still down with the sickness to borrow the title of a song, but hopefully this game will get it out of me.

Come out and support me and Team USA at the Channel Islands Ice Center in Oxnard at 7:45.

Click the link to see our schedule for the rest of the season and GO TEAM USA!


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