Love never dies.

Nowadays, writers and directors are making an increasing number of love movies featuring strange species like monsters, vampires, wolves,or aliens. As people are getting tired watching the “old” monsters, a brand new love story between human and zombie came out, named “Warm Bodies.”

Last weekend, I watched it again with Vivian, and as I expected, I still loved it.

Breaking the traditional rule of “one must love another that is alive,” in the movie “Warm Bodies,” a human girl Julie (Teresa Palmer) falls in love with a dead boy, R (Nicolas Hoult).

The story began in an abandoned airport, all the people in there were dead for some reason and all of them had became zombies. Zombies do not have a living heart, they just creep around and eat whoever is alive around them. During a mission of taking medical supplies from the abandoned area, R and other zombies attacked Julie’s group. R ate Julie’s boyfriend’s brain, he then gained his memories. R fell in love with Julie. He then brought her back to his home and protected her from the other zombies.

Julie felt uncomfortable living with a zombie, and she tried to escape at first. But she always got into trouble. R saved Julie many times, and took care of Julie well. Finally Julie was moved and she fell in love with R.

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One of my favorite movies of all times is Sarah’s Key, a story about a young girl’s journey during the Second World War. It’s an amazing story, and both the book and the movie are fantastic.

The other day, I watched a similar movie called Lore. It’s about a teenage girl who’s parents were Nazi’s. The movie follows her and her siblings after the war has ended as they make their way to their grandmothers house following their parents arrest.

Lore was interesting because it took a different approach to the topic. It’s a German film, it takes place in Germany, which post war is in shambles. The citizens are confused, not sure what to believe or think. And none more so than Lore and her siblings.

The movie is tough to watch, in more than one way. Lore must come to terms with accepting the help of someone she has always been taught to hate, and that brings along with it many challenges.

The people of Germany after the war are often not accommodating, or merely looking out for themselves. Throughout it all, Lore must remain true to herself. All while growing up much too fast for a girl her age, and learning of the responsibilities life holds.

Lore is an excellent movie, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the squeamish or traditional. It’s not exactly easy to wrap your head around, although it is very good.

Through the Wall

I recently wrote a poem for OVS‘s love poetry competition. While I didn’t win, I was pretty proud of what I wrote. I realize that this is more of a short story than a poem but I spoke from the heart. Whenever people read something, they always question who or what it’s about. This is simply a story about forbidden love. Read and interpret for yourselves.

She was the one he could never quite reach.

There was always some barrier keeping them apart.

He didn’t understand why.

The wall was solid.

He knew she was on the other side.

It was all that was ever on his mind.

How everyday, he’d try.

Just to be next to her.

And he’d try

And try.

And try.

You would think that constant failure would render him helpless.

But his love for her wouldn’t let him stop.

Then one day, one lone hole emerged in the wall.

He could see the light.

She was beautiful.

He had never seen anything like her.

He needed to be with her.

He was in love.

And there was no way out.

As one wall was falling

a new wall was forming

He realized that as his desire for her burned inside,

he was trapped.

He was never getting away from his love.

Her radiance shown as if she truly was an angel.

Infatuation, obsession, affection,

He felt helpless without her.

As he fell harder and harder, the wall began to crumble away.

The wall sheltering him from escape was now impassable.

He could see her face.

And she looked on him with bright eyes

The two never looking away

She smiled at him

And he smiled back

He saw his chance, and tried to reduce the rest of the wall to rubble.

Taking any opportunity to make her realize

He loved her

Piece by piece

Brick by brick

He pushed through

And he held her

And she him

They were finally together

After so much determination

His efforts to make her realize

How he really felt

And she was beautiful

He was not blinded by his addiction

She was flawless in nature

Her entire being was bright

Her eyes, stars that envied the night sky

Her smile, the only thing that made him happy

Her voice, sweeter and softer than the sounds of the most glorious choirs

Her heart, only for him

Her touch, made him hope that she’d never take her hand away

She refused to accept it at first

But somehow

He knew that she did

And somehow

She knew that she loved him.

The wall between them had fallen.

And a new wall surrounded them.

But they were together

And that’s all he ever wanted.

Happy 50th Birthday MJ. A Jordan 1 Retrospective.

The black and red Jordan 1. What can I say. The start of a huge following. A legend.

The Air Jordan experiment. Nike gave a rookie a shoe deal and started the Jordan bad boy persona.

Michael Jordan was fined $5000 every game he wore these, and nike happily paid the fine. Banned. It made waves across the country. People wanted to be like Mike.

An original pair of the jordan 1 in this color goes for thousands.
This weekend the Royal Jordan 1 released again.

A classic in its own right this take on the classic black and red color blocking. I among many love this colorway just as much. Happy birthday MJ. You truly are the best of all time.

Cold Case

Is it yes or no?

It can’t be both yet it is

But it isn’t.

Confusing at best

What else is there to think

Or do I not think?

Am I expected not to think,

not to investigate every little parcel.

Sooner or later the case will go cold,

hopefully to be brought out of a box in a couple of years

Unless someone gets to it first.

A high possibility based on the past, but I will sit at my desk waiting for that call.

The call to bring it out and open the box to finally get to look through the files,

Finally solve the case that has been laying stagnant for years.

Little leads here and there that lead to another dead end or wasted efforts that just lead to hurting my good name.

The ice will melt from this case by the fire that has been ignited from the search.

Hopefully it will move from unsolved to forever closed, but for now I sit at my desk.

Valentine’s Day-Damn Love!!!!

Well this was one roller coaster of a week. I had a bunch of stuff planned and then was forced to scramble it together at the last minute as usual. I don’t know how everything snowballed into nothingness. I screwed up, that much is for sure.

First things first. You gotta take care of the flowers. I had a huge bouquet planned. Then I realized the real prices of flowers. So I did some digging, made some calls, and had a big arrangement planned.

And then everything collapsed. Valentine’s Day Eve, I had to make another reach out to my friends and they were awesome enough to help me out and grab some flowers on their way to school that day.

Then, one of my teachers, who doubles as my girlfriend’s teacher, allowed me to surprise my girlfriend during their class that morning. I showed up with a dozen roses and a balloon saying happy valentine’s day.

I gave them to her and she couldn’t have been happier. The past couple days since then have been far from perfect, but hopefully, the dust will settle soon.

Valentine’s Day, I hate you and your shipping complications.

A Journey Through the Woods.

I grabbed my machete and sprinted into the woods. I had no time left. My camp had been overrun by those… things. It was no use staying and fighting at this point we had already lost. I had a compass, machete, the clothes on my back, and the wilderness at my disposal.

It was time to run. I needed to work my way into the valley near camp. The terrain was marshy and wet after the rain. My boots sunk deeper into the ground after every step.

The monsters dwelled in the shadows and never tired, but they operated and navigated by smell so in the rain it was hard for them to find me.

A flash of movement appeared to my left and I struck with my machete. It left a splash of silvery blood on my blade. Where had these things come from and why did they want us. Their regenerative abilities make them the perfect hunter.

We weren’t prepared. If there is an apocalypse this is it.

I don’t know what we did wrong. I am the last one left and I am stuck in a cave in the middle of nowhere running from the unknown, sharpening my machete.