El Dos Pajaros

En el bosque viven dos pajaros. El primero Pajaro se llama Lepidus. Lepidus es un grande pajaro y tiene much fuerza, no tiene intelligente .El otro pajaro see llama  Augustus. Augustus es joven y pequeno, no tiene fuerza tiene much intelligente. Augustus es muy triste porque tieve miedo de Lepidus.


A comparison of two ages


The Americas were discovered in 1492,a little over five hundred years ago, much has changed since then. Living in the United States and looking around it is hard to imagine that the journey to the Americas was once a voyage filled with hardship guaranteeing nothing but hardship and possible death. However the periods between 1492 and 1750 were one of the most explorative periods in human history. Humanity still has at least one more massive exploration opportunity ahead in the foreseeable future. That opportunity is the settling of Mars.

O Swell


O gee willikers mister. Today on the magic yellow dragon with wheels I had the privilege of traveling to lower. It was so nar. As I jumped in the clean pool the water greeted me with a warm embrace. It was swell. After mingling and speaking to my fellow OVS students I went on the greatest walk I’ve ever been on. A magic bear appeared before me, it said “ if you could have one wish would it be.” I simply replied “ I wish I wish I was a fish.” After that I wish came to true I turned into a great black fish whom was able to swim the seven seas.

What is it

It lead us from the awful mud.
Take away and our body will hit the ground like a thud.

It lets learn to think and do.
It’s what separates me from you.

It lets watch the passing of age.
Its our actions become filled with rage.

It allows us to create life.
It gives our self-innumerable strife.

It allows us to feel the siting of pain.
It gives us the ability to feel shame.

When it is said and done it makes life hell.
Societies response is “ Oh Well.”

To Mars and beyond


Humanity sits on the cusp of a new explorative era, one in which humanity will no longer be confined on a single planet. Setting foot on mars and the subsequent colonization that will occur will socially and politically transform Earth. Some have said that the cost, economically as well as in human lives is too high. To those I say simply look at an earlier era were the brave and foolish sought to push the boundaries of what is impossible.

Up and down


It begins with a white red blast.


Will the velocity ever last?


Takes much time to break that one rule.


Reaching for such heights makes one a fool.


Stage one is simple, there’s no doubt.


The engines come alive with a deafening shout.


Stage one the last barrier is broke.


The fire of human ingenuity is stoked.


Stage two the rocket leaves earth behind.


The view could only satisfy mankind.

Rockets to the Rescue


The future is here. Space X, headed by Elon Musk, has invented the first soft landing rocket in human history. Just what is a soft landing rocket you ask?

Traditionally space rockets have one use, all fuel is used up and the rockets attached to the spacecraft burn up in atmosphere or crash in the ocean. With a soft landing rocket the rocket will enter in a controlled descent through atmosphere and then safely land at its launch point intact. This will cut the cost of space travel by seventy percent. Instead if costing fifty million dollars to launch a rocket, that same rocket would only cost seven million dollars

This is one of the most significant inventions the world has seen it will revolutionize space travel and human history.