My Senior Project



An odyssey took place on a cold Thursday night. It was the journey of my senior project. It began as all difficult journeys do: suddenly.

In my quest for greatness I seemed to have let the senior project due date slip up behind me.  So I, along with my friend Bruce, embarked on a journey to finish both of our projects.

I typed a crude script of sorts during a town trip. Upon the return from said trip I found Bruce, before long we found ourselves in the senior chapel recording the first scene from our hit film “The Environment”. After our live actions scenes we then walked to the computer lab.

Once in the computer lab Bruce and I began selecting pictures to put inside our film. With these pictures as a backdrop we would narrate over the images to provide viewers with a clear outline of the relationship between humans and the environment.

With the pictures selected we recorded audio and edited audio and pictures together. Our task was over and our senior project completed. Perhaps?


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