The Green.

How do you feel when the Winter comes?
How do you feel when no one understands your loneliness and sorrow?
How do you feel when they cut your bodies and burn them into ruins?

I see you standing there alone and sighed with grief.
You are afraid of being treated as your friends.

But now you have no worries, because right now there is only me.

Tell me your pain. Tell me your despair.
You have no reasons to fear, because now it’s the time for us to realize how important you are. Tell me your concern. Tell me your anger!

You are the gifts from nature. You are the painter who decorates our world into a colorful heaven.
You are the guards of danger. And you have beautiful names – trees.

As one human being, I am now standing out to tell you that we will keep working to rebuild you a comfortable home with hope and green.

People of the Earth, our environment is getting worse these days with the development of industries and political issues. For example, the variety of life on Earth, including “the number of species of plants, animals, microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, and the different ecosystems on the planet”(Shah, Anup), is decreasing these years.

Fortunately, most of us know the danger and are trying to change the situation by doing lots of works in different countries. In China, people begin to pick up trash in streets, parks and schools as a community services. In Japan, “FUJITSU TEN is widening the circle of voluntary environmental action, with each and every employee fulfilling his or her responsibility as a member of the community. In addition, we perform tree planting and stock waterways with fish to help maintain biodiversity.” (Global Environmental Protection)

Take the action now and begin to do the smallest things.
Starting from picking up trashes and saving energy. Do not forget the easiest ones which can change a lot as a result.

How will you feel if the air is filled with clearness and fragrance?
How will you feel if the sky is colored into bluish-green as a mirror of beauty?
How will you feel if our friend nature starts to sing out with joy again?

I see your smile with desire and hope.

Therefore, let’s stay together as a whole family to resist this crisis with confidence and courage! We can not live without each other because this is a world of GREEN!




Do you like the outdoors and having fun on the weekend? Well that is just to %$^#& bad. Carl Cooper, Headmaster of Ojai Valley School Upper Campus, recently turned what had been a swell hike with myself and several friends into an irrational annoying ordeal. The story is simple as all tragic tales are.

Saturday, mid afternoon, we hiked technically off” campus by following the riverbed that begins at the Barn. The hike was fun a simple excursion filled with such wonders as cool soothing water and delicious mini waterfalls. Alas upon our return whom was waiting there? Mr. Cooper.

So he appeared quite angry, with me in particular, he had “caught” me returning from a hike before, this “crime” was the second such indiscretion. Mr. Cooper for the second time told me no one was allowed to hike upon that river bottom without express permission from the property owner. Now looking back that is simply not true.

Mr. Cooper’s anger with me (and the people I was with) stemmed from the fact that we did not ask him if we could go on the hike. He had once even said that I could take people on hikes as long as I asked him. The reason of not having permission from said property owners makes no sense to my feeble, young, mind. I ask simply for what I consider a rational explanation.

Moment to Shine

If I have a moment to shine,
You are the one I shine for.
If I have the fate to fall,
You are the one I fall for.

The night filled with twinkling eyes
I meet you for the first time.
That’s the moment we share,
The moment of my life.

In the same century we live,
Under the same sky we admire,
I dig for every thing we share.
You are the theme of my life.

Beside the glowing fire I
Murmur, sadly
Your soft smile, glowing eyes,

Hide amid a crowd of stars.

Dream Catcher

The first time I knew about dream catcher was from a TV show and I was totally amazed by the beauty and meaning of it. However, I would never expect to really see it in real life.

During this break, we went to the Old Town in San Diego, where I finally met the dream catchers. There are lots of stores selling dream catchers in different colors and sizes.

Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. It was intended to protect the sleeping individual from bad dreams and let the good dreams go through. They are made with strings into a web and the good dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below.

Using a hoop of willow, and decorating it with findings, bits and pieces of everyday life, (feathers, arrow heads, beads, etc) the dream catcher is believed to have the power to catch all of a person’s dreams, trapping the bad ones, and letting only the good dreams pass through the dream catcher.

I bought one dream catcher and I hang it right next to my bed.
And I think it works pretty well!

So if you want to have a nice dream when you sleep, get a dream catcher and enjoy your lovely dreams!

Wilson Hops On


The frog, snow-white, hopped peacefully from rock to rock, not knowing what he was destined for. That would change, soon. The gods came down angrily daring to catch Wilson, the snow-white frog. He leapt under mountains and into valleys, yet the gods were persistent alternating terrain to capture this chosen frog. And catch Wilson they did, he struggled croaking in fear pleading to his captors but to no avail. They carried him out of the sacred grotto, Wilson believed himself to be a dead frog, a frog that would croak to early. Instead the gods set Wilson down via a golden sliver of light and simply said “ hop on.”



The brain has split, who can it be?

Must it be the one that everyone sees.

The false mask laughs and carry ons.

The true wonders where it went wrong.

From day of birth, to its gravestone day,

One side wonders why it should stay.

So many ways to see the end.

But where and how would it begin.

Water, smoke, fire, or lead,

The result the same, one side dead.

The other says no way, please don’t try.

But he says whom would care if you die?