The meaning of life.

Is death.

Face it, that’s the cold, hard truth. We’re born, we live, we die.

Meaning there is no meaning of life.

But hey, that’s just my take on it. Not everyone has such somber minds.

“Just think preciously of every moment or time.”


“Live life with no regrets.”

“To eat.”

“I think it’s a science. We are born and we die. The best we can do is be happy everyday and enjoy it.”

The answers will always be different, as people will be different, as situations will be different and as life will be different. The meaning of life is whatever you make of life, whether it’s to watch a thousand movies until you understand the “42” reference, or if you decide to just pursue happiness.

In the end though, death still overcomes all.

But hey, why spoil everyone’s fun?


@Black Twitter@

The “Black Twitter” has quite big influence, especially in the political area. It serves as the voice of some people who don’t have much notice from the public.

For the African-American population, “Black Twitter” provides them a way to speak out their opinions. It came to wider public attention in July 2013 when it was credited with having stopped a book deal between a Seattle literary agent and one of the jurors in the trial of George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin’s mother expressed her disappointment through Twitter after the verdict of her son’s case came out. The result of the case also led the public into a huge crisis including parades and other discussions about the issue.

Also, Paula Deen’s Twitter which showed discrimination and disrespect to the African-American people drew people’s attention a lot.

Therefore, “Black Twitter” has become more like a social media which has more powerful effect than we can imagine. 

The 10 Horsey Commandments

(Totally ripping off infamousdolphin)

Hello all equestrians and non-equestrians alike.

To the equestrians; these are some rules and/or commandments that I am very sure you follow already. If you do not (guilty as charged), then you should start following them.

To the non-equestrians; I’d like to, hopefully, open a little door to the world of the horse people. Some say we’re a different species. I sure have been called that before.

1. If thy horse poops in the barn isle thou shalt CLEAN IT UP
2. If thy horse is a sporadic nutball in the arena thou must LUNGE THY HORSE
3. If thou aren’t wearing tough leather boots prepare to have thy toes RIPPED OFF by thy horse
4. Cleaning thy horse’s hooves before riding is a MUST
5. If thy horse bites you BITE IT BACK
6. If thou falls off thy horse ye must GET BACK ON
7. Horses will try to buck thee off so thou must EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED
8. Unless thou wants to clean thy stall twice, cleaning thy stall BEFORE LEAVING is the wise choice
9. If thou feeds another’s horse expect to be SHOWERED WITH FLIES
10. Saddle soap and saddle oil are the best smells ever


It’s that time of year again. Prom is in two days, and everybody is getting ready for it.

Prom is one of those school events that everyone says they aren’t excited for, but in reality are actually stoked. This year, it was my class, the junior class, that was responsible for putting it on for the seniors.

We separated into four groups. One for decorations, one for the prom court, one for music, and one for the gift to the seniors. I was in the decorations committee, and we chose to go with the theme of The Great Gatsby.

We’ve been working hard to decide what the centerpieces on the table should be, where everything should go, what the cool theme is, what decorations to put around the room, and what to do with the dance floor.

It’s all finally coming together, just in time for Thursday night. Hopefully everyone likes it. After that, we head off to spring break, which I think everyone at school is more than ready for.

Buggin along


A bug walked and crawled around.

His lifeless body was never found.

From there he ran and stayed away.

To never come again another day.


His wings were gone, his straw tongued snipped.

The bug wished to lounge for a bit.


The nectar could not be drank.

He wondered how much nectar he could make.


In the end he could never fly.

He curled into a ball and died.

My Senior Project



An odyssey took place on a cold Thursday night. It was the journey of my senior project. It began as all difficult journeys do: suddenly.

In my quest for greatness I seemed to have let the senior project due date slip up behind me.  So I, along with my friend Bruce, embarked on a journey to finish both of our projects.

I typed a crude script of sorts during a town trip. Upon the return from said trip I found Bruce, before long we found ourselves in the senior chapel recording the first scene from our hit film “The Environment”. After our live actions scenes we then walked to the computer lab.

Once in the computer lab Bruce and I began selecting pictures to put inside our film. With these pictures as a backdrop we would narrate over the images to provide viewers with a clear outline of the relationship between humans and the environment.

With the pictures selected we recorded audio and edited audio and pictures together. Our task was over and our senior project completed. Perhaps?


I’m at the end of my junior year, and along with all the other juniors in my school, I have begun the process of applying to college. Every time I talk to someone, and they find out I am a junior, they ask me if I know where I want to go to school.

The truth is, I have no clue. I have ideas, but how are you supposed to determine the atmosphere of a school from a website?

College seems like such a daunting prospect to me. I hear stories of people doing nothing but partying, but that’s not the type of environment I want to be in. I want to have fun.  I want to make friends. I want to have an internship. I want to learn about my major.

I am at an advantage, I think, because of my experience at boarding school. I am already fairly independent, and I am not afraid to be away from home.

And so begins the process of essays and filling out information, traveling to visit schools, and deciding where to spend the next four years of my life. Almost every junior and senior goes through this process. I just hope I am able to pick the right school for me.