Lincoln, an Immortal Legend

Last night I dreamed about one of my favorite historical figure – Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of America’s greatest heroes due to both his incredible impact on the nation and his people. Served as the 16th President of the United States from 1861 to 1865, Lincoln was the first Republican president in America.

Born in a poor cabin in Kentucky in 1809, Lincoln grew up in frontier Kentucky and Indiana, where he was mostly self-educated. In the mid-1850s, Lincoln left the Whig Party to join the new Republican Party. In 1858, he went up against Senator Stephen Douglas, in a debate for the U.S. Senate. Lincoln lost that election, but his spectacular performance against Douglas made him a contender for the 1860 Republican presidential nomination. (“Miller Center”)

After his election, Lincoln vowed to preserve the Union. He eventually raised an army and navy of nearly 3 million northern men to face the south army during the Civil War. One of Lincoln’s greatest achievements is the Emancipation Proclamation 1863, which intended to free the slaves in the South. “Although the Proclamation did not free all slaves in the nation, it was an important symbolic gesture that identified the Union with freedom and the death of slavery.” As part of the Proclamation, Lincoln also urged black males to join the Union forces as soldiers and sailors. “By the end of the war, nearly two hundred thousand African-Americans had fought for the Union cause, and Lincoln referred to them as indispensable in ensuring Union victory.” (

Even though he was assassinated in 1865, Lincoln is still considered as the greatest President in American history on the moral and political character of the nation. He was empowered not only to uphold the Constitution, but also to preserve, protect, and defend it. Therefore, Lincoln is an immortal legend in human history.

I could not remember what really happened in the dream but I can clearly recall that he told me that he had nothing to do with vampires.

Weibo Effects

Instead of using “Twitter,” Chinese people have “Weibo” to express their thoughts and posting pictures. Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website, which people refer to hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, with a market penetration similar to the United States Twitter.

It was launched by SINA Corporation on 14 August 2009 and has 503 million registered users as of December 2012. About 100 million messages are posted each day on Sina Weibo.

However, same as the other popular social media websites, it has been a trend for almost everyone to check his or her Weibo everyone minute in case of missing any news. Well, I admit that websites such as Weibo and Facebook have created a way for people to communicate with each other and letting people from different parts of the world know what they are doing.

They are magical but harmful as the same time. It is no longer rare to see especially young people holding their cell phones in the restaurants, on the streets. It has become the most “practical” way to kill time. But I realized that the more time we spend on such social medias, the less we care about the actual physical world around us and about the people who are actually staying by our sides.

So don’t let Weibo control our lives. We have better things to do instead of wandering around in an illusory world.

Street Art

Street art is a form of visual art created in public locations, usually with particular styles and features. Such form of art originated in early 1980s and continues to be applied in subsequent incarnations. The street art includes stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art orsticker art, and street installation or sculptures.

Artists who choose the streets as their gallery usually embraces their preferences to communicate directly with the public at large and the world outside. Also, street artists sometimes present socially relevant content as a form of “art provocation.”

One of the most popular forms of street arts is graffiti, which is writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface, often in a public place. It ranges from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings, and it has existed since ancient times back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire.

Even though lots of street artists have risks of violating laws and destroying social orders, their passion of making art in a unique way still leads them to create a space that only belongs to them.

@Black Twitter@

The “Black Twitter” has quite big influence, especially in the political area. It serves as the voice of some people who don’t have much notice from the public.

For the African-American population, “Black Twitter” provides them a way to speak out their opinions. It came to wider public attention in July 2013 when it was credited with having stopped a book deal between a Seattle literary agent and one of the jurors in the trial of George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin’s mother expressed her disappointment through Twitter after the verdict of her son’s case came out. The result of the case also led the public into a huge crisis including parades and other discussions about the issue.

Also, Paula Deen’s Twitter which showed discrimination and disrespect to the African-American people drew people’s attention a lot.

Therefore, “Black Twitter” has become more like a social media which has more powerful effect than we can imagine. 

Jack the Cat

I just finished my favorite story this year, which was about a cool little thing – oh no, the coolest little animal – Jack the Cat.

Before I did this story, Jack was just a friendly cat to me. Whenever I see him, he just meows to me as if he is telling me he is happy.

This time, I got chance to really get a closer look to this small thing. Finally it came to my conclusion that Jack IS the coolest cat ever!

Jack is a cool student.
As soon as school starts, Jack will come out and choose his class. He enters the classroom, lies on the ground and pays full attention. However, he is really hardworking because according to our math teacher Mr.Queen, Jack does not turn in his homework on time and he never takes any tests.

Jack also frequently comes to the library. He will get up on the tables, he will use somebody’s computer and he will sniff books. Does he really read or understand the contents? Who knows.

Jack is a cooler friend.
He shares his happiness with people by meowing to them. He is confident and even more comfortable of being a member of the community. He walks to people and request their attentions. Then he looks at you and you can feel his feelings pretty much. He is always there to cheer people up and inspire the community.

Jack is the coolest cat.
He wears his shiny golden fur and patrols around the campus.
Jack has embraced nearly all the qualities not only as an animal, but moreover, he builds up the special bond with humans and becomes an essential member of the school.

Jack is like a student at the school and he makes our community feel like home.
I’ll miss this special “classmate” a lot after I leave the school.

The Green.

How do you feel when the Winter comes?
How do you feel when no one understands your loneliness and sorrow?
How do you feel when they cut your bodies and burn them into ruins?

I see you standing there alone and sighed with grief.
You are afraid of being treated as your friends.

But now you have no worries, because right now there is only me.

Tell me your pain. Tell me your despair.
You have no reasons to fear, because now it’s the time for us to realize how important you are. Tell me your concern. Tell me your anger!

You are the gifts from nature. You are the painter who decorates our world into a colorful heaven.
You are the guards of danger. And you have beautiful names – trees.

As one human being, I am now standing out to tell you that we will keep working to rebuild you a comfortable home with hope and green.

People of the Earth, our environment is getting worse these days with the development of industries and political issues. For example, the variety of life on Earth, including “the number of species of plants, animals, microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, and the different ecosystems on the planet”(Shah, Anup), is decreasing these years.

Fortunately, most of us know the danger and are trying to change the situation by doing lots of works in different countries. In China, people begin to pick up trash in streets, parks and schools as a community services. In Japan, “FUJITSU TEN is widening the circle of voluntary environmental action, with each and every employee fulfilling his or her responsibility as a member of the community. In addition, we perform tree planting and stock waterways with fish to help maintain biodiversity.” (Global Environmental Protection)

Take the action now and begin to do the smallest things.
Starting from picking up trashes and saving energy. Do not forget the easiest ones which can change a lot as a result.

How will you feel if the air is filled with clearness and fragrance?
How will you feel if the sky is colored into bluish-green as a mirror of beauty?
How will you feel if our friend nature starts to sing out with joy again?

I see your smile with desire and hope.

Therefore, let’s stay together as a whole family to resist this crisis with confidence and courage! We can not live without each other because this is a world of GREEN!

Moment to Shine

If I have a moment to shine,
You are the one I shine for.
If I have the fate to fall,
You are the one I fall for.

The night filled with twinkling eyes
I meet you for the first time.
That’s the moment we share,
The moment of my life.

In the same century we live,
Under the same sky we admire,
I dig for every thing we share.
You are the theme of my life.

Beside the glowing fire I
Murmur, sadly
Your soft smile, glowing eyes,

Hide amid a crowd of stars.