Does YouTube mark the end of the TV?

With new forms of entertainment such as the internet, or more specifically YouTube, the TV seems to be consistently getting lower use each year.

Maybe it is because people prefer cheaper and more versatile forms of entertainment instead of being stuck with a strict schedule or constant ads.

Another website that is stealing the show is Netflix, a website that allows people to watch TV shows for only eight dollars a month, with no ads and tons of variety. Even though Netflix doesn’t have the newest episodes, it still allows you to watch entire seasons in a row with no interruption.

It is time for the TV to step aside and allow the age of internet dominance to begin, even though some argue it has already begun.

Netflix and YouTube are also widely known for ruining people’s grades in school.


If I could go back in time

One thing comes to mind when the subject of time travel is brought up, regret. If anyone was to ever go back in time, I guarantee they would change something. After all, every one regrets something.

Everyone wishes the world was different. Many people wonder how they could change the world if they could go back in time. “I would stop Hitler from rising to power,” is perhaps the most common one.

I wonder if people in the future would think about going back in time to the present and changing the way it is right now. I wonder if anyone would look at our world and say, “I wish I could go back and change it all, stop the wars and feed the ones in need. I would make it right and provide work for the poor and stop corruption.”

Let’s not regret our present and do what we can now to make our world better.

The Honorable Gamers’ ten commandments

Ever since the creation of multiplayer video games, innocent gamers have had to cope with the typical, senseless, annoying, horrid players otherwise known as “scrubs” who will do even the impossible to ruin the experience. However boosters, glitchers, hackers and trollers have a counterpart; the honorable gamers. These commandments are the covenant between the chosen gamers and the developers of the game.

1- Thou shalt not tea bag, unless thine enemy is a scrub

2- Respect your noob brethren and attempt to help

3- Thou shalt not glitch nor exploit the game to your advantage

4- The use of overpowered equipment is forbidden for the honorable

5- Thou shalt not whine in chat

6- To brag about being honorable is not honorable

7- If you are inviting someone to your house to play video games, thou shalt have 2 controllers

8- Those who hack are to be sent to the fiery depths of perma-ban

9- EA sucks

10- Playing Candy Crush is not gaming

The Relentless Attack on Reddit

Breaking News:

Panic ensues as protests begin to outrage across the Ojai Valley School campus in response to a recent SonicWall block that forbids students to access Reddit. Mobs of enraged students flip cars and siege classrooms as they plea for the unblock.

Alright, it’s not that bad, but it’s getting serious. I am even thinking of sending a letter asking for Reddit back; a serious, formal letter.

Asides from that, only about 1.5% percent of the students, that being 3 people have complained about this major inconvenience.

Yes, Reddit does possess some adult materials in certain subreddits, but its no excuse to block the website. In fact, Reddit has more positive impact than negative. For example r/worldnews, r/funny or my personal favorite, r/doge.

The Battlefield 4 Youtube Controversy

Over the course of the past three months, gamers and fans of the Battlefield franchise have repeatedly bashed Electronic Arts for releasing a clearly unfinished product.

However, the so-called “Battlefield community” is now taking blows at innocent Youtubers, who have been falsely accused of breaking FTC guidelines and changing their opinion for EA’s money.

After an article claiming that Youtubers with over a million subscribers had an undisclosed contract with EA to avoid giving negative reviews of the product was released, most Battle-fielders were quick to react.

However, after listening to the You-tubers’ testimony, it is clear that this article was fabricated. The You-tubers only took part in EA’s Ronku project which did not forbid them to give negative reviews of the game.

The secret for an easy life

Life is hard and it never gets easier. However, there is a way to make life simpler.

My father, a wise man, has discovered a way to make himself worry less than he usually does. He has stopped reading the news.

Not reading the news means he can stop worrying about problems he can’t change.

My father has chosen to be oblivious to the world and so far it has worked.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

This week we said goodbye to one of the most influential people of all time. Nelson Mandela, who fought to eliminate racism and the apartheid in South Africa has died.

For decades, Nelson struggled to tear down racial segregation and died as a hero.

Imprisoned by an oppressive regime for 27 years, Nelson Mandela was able to become South Africa‘s first black president.

Nelson was loved by all the people in South Africa and most of the world for fighting for equality.

So, thank you Nelson Mandela, for showing us to never stop fighting against oppression, you will be remembered.