The Relentless Attack on Reddit

Breaking News:

Panic ensues as protests begin to outrage across the Ojai Valley School campus in response to a recent SonicWall block that forbids students to access Reddit. Mobs of enraged students flip cars and siege classrooms as they plea for the unblock.

Alright, it’s not that bad, but it’s getting serious. I am even thinking of sending a letter asking for Reddit back; a serious, formal letter.

Asides from that, only about 1.5% percent of the students, that being 3 people have complained about this major inconvenience.

Yes, Reddit does possess some adult materials in certain subreddits, but its no excuse to block the website. In fact, Reddit has more positive impact than negative. For example r/worldnews, r/funny or my personal favorite, r/doge.


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