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Dear Netflix

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE, EATING DISORDERS Dear Netflix, Please stop making shows/ movies about mental illness willy-nilly. Coming from a girl with clinical depression and anxiety, your depictions never get it right. I’m a sucker for any entertainment, especially your notoriously … Continue reading

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Super Scary, Stereotypical Costumes

Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays. You can dress up like a banana, a zombie cheerleader, or even a cat. However, a certain kind of costume that is not acceptable, comes around every year. Those costumes fall … Continue reading

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Nicki the Fairy Godmother

On Saturday night, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to do a little gift giving for some of her followers. On May 5, Minaj released the “Regret In Your Tears” music video, which is from her upcoming album. The day after, she challenged her … Continue reading

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New Body, Old Positivity

There are many online trends. Some are funny, like the Hollywood sign vandalism, while others are, frankly, destructive, like the popular “transformation” pictures. While scrolling through my phone, I came across an Instagram page called “@transformationfeed” which has nearly 1 million followers. The … Continue reading

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Breaking the Internet (Bias)

Some adults nowadays blame technology for the current generation’s immaturity, saying that we’re obsessed or addicted to technology. Now, I’m not denying that we use quite a bit of technology, but I don’t understand how it is seen as so … Continue reading

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Funny Girls

Before I began to write this, I googled “funny topics to write about”.  I did this because I am uncreative person who relies on the ideas of others.  What surprised me was that the number one “funny” topic on the … Continue reading

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The need for true friends is becoming less relevant everyday due to the newfound possibility of online friends. Nowadays people are meeting over shared likes on Instagram, or mutual friends on Facebook. Although they will never meet and only talk … Continue reading

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