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Dancing Queens

Once the music starts, our bodies are not ours anymore. They follow the music beats as they were born to dance. Everyday we practice in the Chem Lab, everyday we sweat, we laugh – we are the dancing team. I … Continue reading

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I broke through the choppy air punctured the woebegone clouds all of a sudden something glaring right above warmed my entire body That was the first time I felt you As hours elapse touching my wings I recall our once … Continue reading

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You are the Poem.

You are the Poem A blank page hiding inside the book I shall open What an unknown region I shall fall in In what particular consequences to expect I know not But in the scope of mine you have occupied … Continue reading

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What exists?

Up and down, why,why,why? Why move forward to touch the sky? Can good be good, if bad isn’t bad? What leads one to become mad? Down the rabbit hole and through the suck. Must one always travel through the muck. … Continue reading

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“Good evening passengers, we are about to take off. Please fasten your seat belts. Thank you.” I take a deep breath. Wherever the plane takes me, I will be excited because it marks the time for something new again. I’ve … Continue reading

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International Lunch

As I mentioned in my previous post, Baklava, our school put on an international lunch on Sunday. Students from different countries and backgrounds cooked a native dish, and everyone else got to eat it. A guy from Italy made real Italian pasta … Continue reading

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As some of you may know, I previously wrote a post proclaiming the wonder that is Greek Food. One of the foods I wrote about was baklava, a delicious Greek dessert made of phyllo dough, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar and honey. … Continue reading

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