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Four years ago, I was watching the Grammy’s with my mom, and saw what I thought was the most amazing performance I had ever seen – or was going to see. P!nk sang her song, “Glitter in the Air,” meticulously … Continue reading

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It’s a snake. She’s black too, but the kind of black the night sky is. She’s dark. She’s vivid. She’s powerful. She’s real. She can never leave you, and sometimes, you want her to leave you. She can be your … Continue reading

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The Battlefield 4 Youtube Controversy

Over the course of the past three months, gamers and fans of the Battlefield franchise have repeatedly bashed Electronic Arts for releasing a clearly unfinished product. However, the so-called “Battlefield community” is now taking blows at innocent Youtubers, who have … Continue reading

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It’s a butterfly. It’s black, all black, with misty, soft, glowy, fuzzy edges, like the edges of a shadow. You can’t really hear it, it’s there. You begin to let your guard down, it’s there. You let your mind wander, … Continue reading

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The Simple Habits

Throughout life you pick up simple habits. Sometimes they last forever, sometimes they last only for a duration of time when the situation has passed. The way she pushes her bangs away from her face, though they’ve grown all the … Continue reading

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Lone Survivor

This weekend I went to go see the newly released movie “Lone Survivor,” starring Mark Wahlberg. From seeing the trailer I could tell that it was going to be a fairly intense movie, but I figured it would also be … Continue reading

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When We First Met.

When we first met, it was like a miracle. Unexpected and unprepared, we came across somehow someday.With blue sky, breeze and blooming flowers, Birds flew and butterflies fluttered. The sloppy clouds seemed to be sleeping, And the whole world was … Continue reading

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