Green Tea Ice Cream

The following is a fictional story.

Our first kiss was on Christmas.

A few days after I had flown to China I went to dinner with some family friends. I had wine with them but I was definitely not drunk.

His phone had no reception, so he called me using his friend’s phone and asked me to go hang out with him.

We had ice cream together. I think we were both nervous about it because it was technically our first date, not to mention the fact that we were both going through jet lag.

Everything was so wintry and Christmassy around us, behind that real fancy mall, with the real whiny lights. That’s all I could remember, even though I had closed my eyes.

Yes, it was freezing on the street but we still had ice cream. Well, he did, but I was too full from dinner.

He had green tea ice cream, which is my favorite.

There weren’t many cabs around, so we stood around waiting for a while. Then, all of a sudden he kissed me.

It was the little one, the little kind of kiss, and I remember he had his eyes closed. He had glasses, so it was difficult to see, but I think he had his eyes closed.

It was just there, the taste of the ice cream on my lips, and I could feel it even though I didn’t see it.

I’m even jealous of myself of that kiss. He’s so tall that he had to bend down to kiss me, and his jacket was open, so it’s like I was literally surrounded by him. It was freezing on the street, and he was warm.

But his friend was there too, but he probably didn’t pay attention to us. And we didn’t feel he was there.

It was 9:30 at night. To me, it felt like my first kiss. I felt the green tea ice cream.

I was nervous and didn’t know how to react, so I just closed my eyes. I think I was thinking, “ahh, we finally kissed.” And all I knew was that he was there, bringing me warmth in this freezing winter.

And our kiss, ok, it was on the 29th.


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