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Summer feels

I can’t wait for this summer. You know, in the past, people have always told me that junior year is gonna be harder than all the other years. But I had no idea that they were actually right about that! … Continue reading

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NYC Memories

Contrasting the small, quaint towns where I’ve grown up in California, New York City was a breath of fresh, exciting air with life awaiting at the end of every corner walked. My first night in New York was magical. I … Continue reading

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What I Learned From The 100

In January, I got the chance to miss three days of school and head up to Vancouver to watch the production of my favorite tv show, The 100. Now I probably know what a lot of people were thinking: this … Continue reading

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Seeing Her

The first time he saw her was in an airport. A Petri dish of festering emotion and sickening crowds. He’d caught a wisp of her trailing at the corner of his vision, it was only a glimpse, but as he … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago, I arrived in Berlin, Germany, the city of hole-in-the-wall cafes and miscellaneous shops, historical monuments and tourist attractions. The city where graffiti paints the streets, which are lined with well-dressed twenty-somethings smoking cigarette after cigarette. The city … Continue reading

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Why I Do Not Enjoy Boats

Yesterday in AP Environmental, our teacher told the class that we are taking a class field trip to Anacapa Island. For most, this news was great, but for me, not so much. Not many things scare me to the point … Continue reading

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Bucket List: Travel

I love traveling, experiencing new cultures, and sightseeing. So, of course, I have a Pinterest board filled with places I want to go, and things I want to see (and, of course, food I want to try). Without further ado, here are the … Continue reading

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