Russia $#%^# Up

Russia has violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine by using force and overt threats. Russian troops now occupy Crimea, a southern region of the Ukraine, home to a large population of ethic Russians. The western world, which includes NATO (North American Treaty Organization) and the EU ( European Union) have denounced this territorial violation as unacceptable and a detriment to world peace.

The official Russian explanation is that Crimea is home to a population of mostly ethnic Russians (which is true) whom wish to join Russia and that Russian troops are only there to protect millions of ethnic Russians. Meanwhile the Russian military remains in control of civilian and government building in Crimea.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, says that Russian troops will only
remain in Crimea until the political stability of the Ukraine is stable. I believe that to be a lie.

The background of this conflict is obviously closely connected to the Ukraine Revolution which occurred when Viktor Yanukovych, refused to sign an agreement which would allow the Ukraine to join the EU. Now with the Revolution over and Yanukovych,
out of office the provisional Ukrainian Government wishes to join the EU.

I believe that Putin will attempt to absorb the rest of the Ukraine into Russia in order to prevent the Ukraine drifting from a Russian influenced nation into a EU influenced nation. Putin’s excursion in the name of protecting ethic Russians is nothing but a sham.


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