Faster Than Light, run or die

Space-time is fun time as I always say. That is why I have learned to love                           the game Faster Than Light also know as FTL. FTL is a real-time strategy game where one must successfully navigate to the end of a danger filled galaxy. In FTL you control a ship and its crew whom are attempting to flee from the evil rebel fleet. While you can get away for sometime at the end of the game you will eventually be forced to fight a final rebel ship. Not that I would know anything about that.


The game received much attention because of its mind-boggling difficulty. There is only two difficulty modes easy and normal; they might as well be renamed hard and extremely hard. I have played easy and normal and on easy I have yet to even make it to the third stage of the game. Now while trying to play FTL is hard enough it also incorporates permadeath. Permadeath, in this instance, is when your ship is destroyed game is over and you have to start all. Countless times have I seen my ship and crew destroyed while I furiously tap my keyboard in anger.

For anyone looking for something new and a challenge I highly recommend the space faring game FTL.


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