Love never dies.

Nowadays, writers and directors are making an increasing number of love movies featuring strange species like monsters, vampires, wolves,or aliens. As people are getting tired watching the “old” monsters, a brand new love story between human and zombie came out, named “Warm Bodies.”

Last weekend, I watched it again with Vivian, and as I expected, I still loved it.

Breaking the traditional rule of “one must love another that is alive,” in the movie “Warm Bodies,” a human girl Julie (Teresa Palmer) falls in love with a dead boy, R (Nicolas Hoult).

The story began in an abandoned airport, all the people in there were dead for some reason and all of them had became zombies. Zombies do not have a living heart, they just creep around and eat whoever is alive around them. During a mission of taking medical supplies from the abandoned area, R and other zombies attacked Julie’s group. R ate Julie’s boyfriend’s brain, he then gained his memories. R fell in love with Julie. He then brought her back to his home and protected her from the other zombies.

Julie felt uncomfortable living with a zombie, and she tried to escape at first. But she always got into trouble. R saved Julie many times, and took care of Julie well. Finally Julie was moved and she fell in love with R.

Julie’s father is a general of the human defensive troops, he would kill R if he knew that his daughter is dating a dead zombie. However, because of staying with Julie and loving her, R’s heart started to pump, and his body started to get warm, he became alive again. Julie and R’s romance had also moved all the other zombies.

After persuading Julie’s father with the true example of R, the humans changed their attitude towards the zombies. Zombies were treated as patients and the whole world was just filled with love.

This movie hit my young living heart in the softest part. I was very touched by this movie; it is more like a beautiful love story than a zombie thriller movie. And now I know that, love never dies.


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