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Arrested Development

There are few shows that have been as amazing as Arrested Development. Of course, shows like The Simpsons have been better all around, but there hasn’t been a show, in my opinion, as smart as Arrested Development. The show is … Continue reading

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Duane Allman

There are those who spend their whole lives trying to be great. There are those who die young and are remembered for their contributions to this planet. Then there’s Duane Allman. By all accounts, Duane Allman’s measly 24 years on … Continue reading

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There’s Always Something

As everyone generally feels, junior year is the hardest year in high school. Well, they don’t tell you about senior year. While it’s true that academically this has been by far my easiest year, applying to colleges has been one … Continue reading

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Charley Patton

Last Wednesday, or Ocho De Mayo, I got three albums of the partial anthologies of Blind Willie McTell, The Mississippi Sheiks and Charley Patton. All three of these artists are absolute blues legends that were instrumental in creating modern music. … Continue reading

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So, as I’m writing this, I’m finishing watching the excruciatingly long “Django Unchained“. Before this movie, I’ve been somewhat okay with Quentin Tarantino’s overly violent films, but this one is just absolutely ridiculous. However, the reason I didn’t like it … Continue reading

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Yeah So That Didn’t Go Well

So my last blog, “The End”, was basically about how all the Lakers needed to do was just lose their next game and everything would be okay. Well, they even screwed that up. Not only did the Lakers lose, but … Continue reading

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The End

As this article in the LATimes said, the Lakers’ season cannot end soon enough. They couldn’t be more right. Plagued by injuries and drama, the Lakers have utterly failed at having a good season. Probably the most hyped season in … Continue reading

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