Charley Patton

Last Wednesday, or Ocho De Mayo, I got three albums of the partial anthologies of Blind Willie McTell, The Mississippi Sheiks and Charley Patton. All three of these artists are absolute blues legends that were instrumental in creating modern music.

One of these legends, Charley Patton, was perhaps the most influential of them all.

While I was listening to his album recorded entirely in 1929, I started to read his biography on the back of the album.

First of all, he recorded his biggest hit, Pony Blues, when he was only 19.

Secondly, no one knows when he was born or what race he was. Some people say he was fully African-American and others say he was part Cherokee.

Thirdly, and most importantly of all, he taught some of the other biggest blues players of his time.

Son House, Robert Johnson and Chester Burnett (AKA Howlin Wolf) were just some of the names who he taught how to play guitar.

I for one, am very, very grateful to Document records and Third Man for bringing some of these guys back into the mainstream to be appreciated by more and more people than ever. This is music that should be appreciated by everyone that appreciates music.


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