Duane Allman

There are those who spend their whole lives trying to be great.

There are those who die young and are remembered for their contributions to this planet.

Then there’s Duane Allman.

By all accounts, Duane Allman’s measly 24 years on this planet should not have built up to much. But he managed to become one of the most influential guitar players in history…a couple of years out of high school.

Duane Allman has, obviously, played for the Allman Brother Band. He also backed greats such as Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton (who was quoted as calling Allman his soulmate in terms of guitar playing), Wilson Pickett, King Curtis and Derek and the Dominoes.

He became the sound of American Soul before anyone knew who he was. Sadly, he died in a motorcycle crash before he became the next Jimi Hendrix.

Duane Allman isn’t the best guitarist of all time, or my favorite. But if I could sound like any guitar player ever, it would definitely be him. He has more soul than some sort of soul machine. Just listen to this song he played with Clapton.

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