Third Man

Honestly, I don’t see how I’ve gone this long without doing some sort of blog about Jack White and Third Man Records, so let me just start it by stating (or understating) that Jack White is my hero, so just about everything he does is awesome.

Third Man Records is the label that Jack White started in Nashville as a way to basically bring back the blues into the modern era.

One of the things Third Man has in their store that is extremely awesome is the reissue of the anthology of Blind Willie Mctell (one of the greatest guitar players ever), Charlie Patton and the Mississippi Sheiks (one of the first rock n roll bands ever). This is an awesome way to make sure that Delta Blues stays in our culture forever. This is some of the best music ever recorded, I highly recommend you all go check it out.

One of the acts signed to TMR is the incredible and unique Seasick Steve. Seasick Steve…well…he knows what he’s doing. One of his guitars only has three strings, while another one, that he made out of a broom stick and pie pan, has only one. Check him out if you like slide.

Some other artists that are or have been signed to TMR are the Alabama Shakes, Reggie Watts, Beck and Pokey Lafarge (check him out he’s awesome).  But above all else, just go  look around the website here, and you’ll be opening a door to some amazing music.


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