What is it all for?

We look back to Neolithic age and see how simple the concept of what life meant to our ancestors was. It was all about the basics. Just enough to survive.

No social expectations, or rules. No technology, or government.

That same society has evolved in perceiving that life is about more than that, and life must be done a certain way. You must be educated. You must behave this way. You must be “civil”.

Well, who defined what that is?

Most  will say that the way of life is going to school, getting a job, having some kids then passing away gently in your sleep. We spend countless hours, memorizing and memorizing figures and representations we are told is our reality in order to achieve our goal of having an impressive alphabetical or numeric representation of our knowledge appear sufficient enough so we can attend school again.

And what is the purpose of the University?

Well, any dean will tell you it is to give students experience and knowlege so they can function in the real world, and do what they dream of doing. But when it comes down to it, what was the purpose of that dream? Was it to feel good at the end of the day, or did it all come down to achieving wealth?

Yes, starting from the day your parents nervously dropped you off at school for the first time as an eager child, the purpose of it all comes down to leading you on a path of financial success. Everything comes down to being about money. That is what we have evolved into.

I think reading J.D Salinger was a big mistake.




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