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Dear Netflix

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE, EATING DISORDERS Dear Netflix, Please stop making shows/ movies about mental illness willy-nilly. Coming from a girl with clinical depression and anxiety, your depictions never get it right. I’m a sucker for any entertainment, especially your notoriously … Continue reading

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For the girls: a few questions. Isn’t it exhausting? Exhausting to have a standard already set for what makes a woman beautiful? Everywhere you look, you see a beautiful girl with beautiful hair, skin, and eyes, a beautiful smile and … Continue reading

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Winter sunsets

Winter sunsets are always the brightest. The days are shorter, the nights are darker. It’s November, and even though it’s cold enough to see your breath in the air we still eat dinner in the backyard. It’s cold, but who … Continue reading

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falling in love is like learning to drive. at first, you stop too often, jumpy, and look left and right  left and right  left and right before easing your way into the intersection. you make your first turn; you drive … Continue reading

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Book smart

Growing up, I was never good at sports, or at least that’s what I thought. It’s not that I had a pronounced lack of capability, just that I never thought I should be able to take sports seriously. In my … Continue reading

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Monthly Madness

Periods. Otherwise known as menstruation. Otherwise known as the precursor to pregnancy, that time of the month, the curse, the monthlies, shark week, and the list goes on. Yet, with its many names, society seems to forget about this natural … Continue reading

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A Barbie doll

A Barbie doll is perfect: you can see it all over her. She has lots of friends, it seems. the list of names grows each day. With every new season comes a new friend for Barbie, and also a new … Continue reading

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