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i don’t get how everything i’ve built could be so fragile. just when you think your foundation’s set, an earthquake comes and shakes it. next a huge rainstorm. then a forest fire. or a tsunami. each disaster shakes the very … Continue reading

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It’s here! Graduation!

(Photo Credit: http://www.dec.org) It’s here!… Wait… What? Our class is graduating from high school? That’s not possible, I thought the year just started? Yes guys, graduation is finally here and this is the last blog I am going to write … Continue reading

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End of an era

(Photo Credit: Auntbeulahblog.files.wordpress.com ) Looking back five years, I still remember when I first stepped on campus at Ojai Valley School as an 8th grader. Fear of the uncertain filled my heart; I didn’t know what to expect and what challenges … Continue reading

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College (and Life!) Bound

There comes a time in every senior’s career when they have to start picking colleges. Now, I’m far from being a senior, but I started thinking about colleges after going to the East Coast during spring break. Through all my time … Continue reading

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Sleeping too much?

These days I sleep a lot. I mean a lot. Like taking three naps a day. Everyday I sleep a total of at least two hours during the day, and I go to sleep at 10:00 and wake up at 7:00. That … Continue reading

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The End of a Chapter

(Photo Credit: Spreadshirtmedia.com ) Four years have passed since the class of 2017 entered high school as freshmen. Four years later, it’s the last few weeks of our senior year, the last few weeks in high school. Graduation looms around … Continue reading

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Life is fleeting

I came to Ojai Valley School in the middle of my sophomore year and now I am 88 days away from graduating. Two and a half years at this school went by fast, but when I look back at the past … Continue reading

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