Running for Office

This year I will be running for the office of day student representative. Running for office is something that I have wanted to do for a long time.177193737

The race looks like it is going to be incredibly exciting and a tough race, and I’m honestly happy about that. I wanted it to be a tough competition that is going to be difficult.


You are most definitely going to see my posters around and I wish luck to my competitor.


Move in

The official move in date for my new house is this Thursday and I am in awe at how fast it happened. A year ago that plot of land was just dirt, and now it if skilled with a house. it is like it appeared out of nowhere.

I am slowly moving all of my things into the house and it is taking shape. My bed is in place and the living room and kitchen look amazing
I cannot wait to live in it.

After living in a glorified box for the last year it will be a nice change.

My Anecdote

As the leaves change colors maybe your love will too.

As the fall brings change hopefully it comes in more than one way.

I have waited for too long to give up now, so don’t you give up either.

We both know it’s there, but something has to make it appear.

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,

But I don’t know how to leave.

I don’t think I can leave.

And if I could I don’t think I would.

Time heals all wounds, but what if only half of my body is trying to heal the wound.

Will it ever heal?

Maybe you are my anecdote.

Suck the poison from my veins.

Help me stop dying.

Slowly wasting away waiting.

Sitting, and waiting.

Watching, hoping.

Crying and laughing.

Fall back and spring forward.

Fall back (in love with me) Spring forward (into a new life)

As the leaves change, I will remain the same, but maybe your colors will change too.

End of the year work

Most people would think that as the school winds down, so would the work load.

Umm, that is a negative.

Quite the opposite has happened to me.

I feel like right now is the most work I have had in a while.

It could be that I am suffer from pre senioritis, which is an issue because I’m a junior….

Well whatever.

Message to teachers.

Stop it!

I want to be relaxing and studying for finals, not doing projects and writing essays, that was what most of the year was for, now please let me relax and ride out the rest of the year.

I would like to imagine my last weeks of junior year with myself on a tropical beach, soaking up sun, drinking something with a tiny umbrella in it, and watching cute girls in bikinis walk by.

Not sitting in a classroom, doing busy work so that we feel like we’ve accomplished more, when really we’re doing the same old stuff.

If I didn’t care about my grades so much and how that effected my future I would go on strike.

And also what is this going to school on Memorial Day.

I feel that it is un American and as an American I should have the opportunity to opt out of school on this day sans consequence, but whatever.

I will be in class bright in early while others are at the beach or BBQing enjoying the day.

Worst Person 30-Sergio Garcia

Had to make one about this guy.

Sergio and legend Tiger Woods have been fierce rivals for years. They don’t like each other, and there are few things more exciting than watching two of the world’s best square off in tournament after tournament. In the recent Player’s Championship, Tiger was victorious for yet another win on the season. No major wins yet, but he should get one soon.

Anyway, Tiger and Sergio were bickering at each other again because Sergio claims that Tiger warming up for a shot while he took his tee shot threw his concentration and resulted in a less than desirable lie for Sergio.

The Player’s Cup officials disagreed with Sergio and over the course of the week, Sergio has been making references to “fried chicken”, a popular racial slur towards African-Americans, and using the reference to belittle Tiger and his race.

Dude, just shut up and golf. If you suck, you suck. I used to root for Sergio if Tiger was having a bad week. Sergio is one of my favorite golfers. However, after some of his most recent antics, I can’t root for that. Before people give me a load of garbage about how I still promote Tiger after all his extra-marital affairs, I have one piece of defense. While cheating on a wife is wrong, I’d rather be a cheater than a racist.

I’m not sure when that picture was taken, but at least they are staying cordial and shaking hands. They still hold golf to the high standard that it was meant to be held.

Watching my day go

A day of rest is almost gone.
We left a few hours after dawn.

To the city near the coast.
It’s the environment I hate the most.

We walk aboard the shaky vessel.
On the sea I’m and insignificant pebble.

The minutes pass, nothing is seen.
I wonder where the whales will be.

They come up and shake their tails.
The whale watching is quite a fail.

Straight up and down its not very fun.
I could not wait until the trip was done.

Arrested Development

There are few shows that have been as amazing as Arrested Development.

Of course, shows like The Simpsons have been better all around, but there hasn’t been a show, in my opinion, as smart as Arrested Development.

The show is entirely based around the Bluths, a upper class family that is having a financial meltdown. The one member of the family that tries to keep them all together is played by Jason Schwartzman.

The show has an amazing cast (another one of the best parts of the show).

The only bad part about it is that it only had three seasons. That was not nearly enough. There had been rumors forever about a movie being made of the show, but that never happened.

Now, the show is being revived for a fourth season. It will be aired exclusively on Netflix.

Let’s just say I know what I’ll be doing during finals week.