Worst Person 30-Sergio Garcia

Had to make one about this guy.

Sergio and legend Tiger Woods have been fierce rivals for years. They don’t like each other, and there are few things more exciting than watching two of the world’s best square off in tournament after tournament. In the recent Player’s Championship, Tiger was victorious for yet another win on the season. No major wins yet, but he should get one soon.

Anyway, Tiger and Sergio were bickering at each other again because Sergio claims that Tiger warming up for a shot while he took his tee shot threw his concentration and resulted in a less than desirable lie for Sergio.

The Player’s Cup officials disagreed with Sergio and over the course of the week, Sergio has been making references to “fried chicken”, a popular racial slur towards African-Americans, and using the reference to belittle Tiger and his race.

Dude, just shut up and golf. If you suck, you suck. I used to root for Sergio if Tiger was having a bad week. Sergio is one of my favorite golfers. However, after some of his most recent antics, I can’t root for that. Before people give me a load of garbage about how I still promote Tiger after all his extra-marital affairs, I have one piece of defense. While cheating on a wife is wrong, I’d rather be a cheater than a racist.

I’m not sure when that picture was taken, but at least they are staying cordial and shaking hands. They still hold golf to the high standard that it was meant to be held.


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