Little Kim

Poor North Koreans.

Not only do they have to live in a state of complete dictatorship and just a pure totalitarian nightmare, but they think it’s a good idea to keep showing off their nuclear arsenal and taunting America and it’s allies.

This whole situation is so ridiculous.

Yes, I see that America is pretty close to last on the list of countries with good international relations *cough* Abu Ghraib! *cough*, but who in their right minds think that nuclear war is a good thing to get started?

Well, apparently this guy does.

Mr. Un, I’m sorry, but the US is capable and ruthless enough to convert your country to ash within about an hour. Yes, that’s pretty messed up, but that is a definite possibility if you take one more step in the direction of nuclear war again, it might be time to get out of Dodge.


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