The End

As this article in the LATimes said, the Lakers’ season cannot end soon enough.

They couldn’t be more right. Plagued by injuries and drama, the Lakers have utterly failed at having a good season.

Probably the most hyped season in recent Laker history has turned out to be just an utter failure. In last night’s loss to the Spurs, the Lakers showed that if they don’t get their stuff together this summer, they may not have a great future in basketball.

With Kobe out, things don’t look too great. He might not  ever come back, which would be catastrophic for the Lakers. However, knowing Kobe, I’m sure he will. At least for one more season.

Luckily, Dwight Howard is looking like he’s going to stay in LA for at least one more season. This gives the Lakers something to build off of. If at least nothing else.

However, one thing is definitely for sure, the next game cannot be over soon enough. It’s one last humiliation that the Lakers are going to have to face before they can restart.


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