Cold Case

Is it yes or no?

It can’t be both yet it is

But it isn’t.

Confusing at best

What else is there to think

Or do I not think?

Am I expected not to think,

not to investigate every little parcel.

Sooner or later the case will go cold,

hopefully to be brought out of a box in a couple of years

Unless someone gets to it first.

A high possibility based on the past, but I will sit at my desk waiting for that call.

The call to bring it out and open the box to finally get to look through the files,

Finally solve the case that has been laying stagnant for years.

Little leads here and there that lead to another dead end or wasted efforts that just lead to hurting my good name.

The ice will melt from this case by the fire that has been ignited from the search.

Hopefully it will move from unsolved to forever closed, but for now I sit at my desk.


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