Valentine’s Day-Damn Love!!!!

Well this was one roller coaster of a week. I had a bunch of stuff planned and then was forced to scramble it together at the last minute as usual. I don’t know how everything snowballed into nothingness. I screwed up, that much is for sure.

First things first. You gotta take care of the flowers. I had a huge bouquet planned. Then I realized the real prices of flowers. So I did some digging, made some calls, and had a big arrangement planned.

And then everything collapsed. Valentine’s Day Eve, I had to make another reach out to my friends and they were awesome enough to help me out and grab some flowers on their way to school that day.

Then, one of my teachers, who doubles as my girlfriend’s teacher, allowed me to surprise my girlfriend during their class that morning. I showed up with a dozen roses and a balloon saying happy valentine’s day.

I gave them to her and she couldn’t have been happier. The past couple days since then have been far from perfect, but hopefully, the dust will settle soon.

Valentine’s Day, I hate you and your shipping complications.


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