I started non artificial sugar diet again, because my skin condition was getting really bad and I just couldn’t bear it.

And sugar is the one who exacerbates problems to acne and blemish breakouts.

The non-sugar diet is a popular search term on the Internet. But it’s not a branded eating philosophy; it’s a lifestyle. Also called a sugar-free diet, this way of eating seeks to remove sources of added sugar from your daily food intake.

Non artificial sugar means no milk chocolate, no chocolate milk, no cookies, no chips, no syrup on pancakes, no ketchup on hash brown, no brown sugar in oatmeal…

These desserts have become part of my life, and now I realized they are not even good for me.

It was so hard when I just started it, I had the thought of giving up too. And it was Valentine’s day last Friday, I tried so hard to not thinking about chocolate or cupcakes.

It took about one week for me to get used to it. And now I really enjoy my diet.


two love poems

It’s Inevitable, Isn’t It?

It’s inevitable, isn’t it?

The loneliness we all know

Too well to ignore.

Loneliness is a shadow

That follows the lovely moments,

The beautiful moments, the love.

We know both sides,

We know dark yields light,

But, just like that, we know love might

Be temporary just as all other things.

Temporary in the way it sings;

Temporary with its whizzing wings;

Temporary, because we know what wins.

What wins is not light, or day, or love,

Or night or dark, or loneliness.

What wins is the cycle

Of all we know,

All we love,

All we despise.



It still hurts, believe me.

You left me half a year ago,

You broke me then, you know?

I tried to hold you back,

Have you back, the way we were.

You didn’t.

You didn’t want that, you didn’t want me,

Didn’t want me in your life,

In your heart, in your camera roll, in your mind.

And see what you did?

See what I did?

I lost the mask I had put on your face all this time.

I began hating to hear your name all around,

I forgot how I ever loved you.

That’s the funny thing about love.

You never think it ends

When you’re its guest.

You think it will last forever and go on and go on and


Go, go and leave me and don’t remind me

Of what you gave me and took away,

What you promised and didn’t keep,

What you told me and meant with all your heart,

But what does that matter, if your heart has changed?

It still hurts, believe me.

Cutting you out of my memories,

Ignoring birthdays and anniversaries,

Seeing her.

But that’s the funny thing about love:

We are so willing to fall in love and fall on our hearts,

And we think it will go on and go on and


Hallmark Day

Happy Hallmark Day.

Or more commonly known as Valentines Day, which is right around the corner. This Sunday, the world will come together to celebrate (or not) this holiday, falling victim to colors like red and pink, and hearts as far as the eye can see.

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Hallmark holidays earned their name from their sole purpose of existing for commercial reasons, as opposed to commemorating an important event or tradition. Go into any given department store, and flashing signs point to isles of mushy cards and pink, glittery decorations. Although said to celebrate love, some argue that Valentines Day is a money-maker for stores, marketing thousands of cards and mass amounts of chocolate.

Don’t get me wrong – I think celebrating love is great, and important to do. However, an emotion that should be constantly expressed shouldn’t be stressed on one specific day just because a holiday is devoted to it.

This annual holiday puts a large stress on love and relationships, with demands like flowers, candy, and expensive jewelry. For most, relationships aren’t about material goods. One’s love is not measured by the amount of money spent on a partner, or the number of material items given.

Love can be celebrated every day, and doesn’t need to be shown through cheesy cards and cheap (or very expensive) chocolate. It can be sweet, but it shouldn’t be a representation of love, or a relationship itself.

Whether Valentines Day is celebrated lavishly or strongly ridiculed, there’s only one thing that remains important. This Hallmark day, full of stuffed bears and chocolate hearts, should never be the basis of romance.

Valentine’s Day

As most of you know, or should know, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and as ever, Facebook is lamenting “Single Awareness Day.” Every year, there is a group of people who don’t hesitate to make it known that they hate Valentine’s Day because it makes them feel bad about themselves, when really, if having a relationship determines your self-worth, you should feel bad about your principles.

And then there is the group of people who do have dates for Valentine’s. They fret about the perfect gift for weeks, hoping that they can show their date just how well they know their other half through the present they get for them. This causes people to go all out and spend pretty much all the money they have worked so hard to earn. What should really be a simple romantic holiday has been turned into a commercialized event that makes people feel left out.

Instead of going out and buying the most expensive gift you can think of and still somewhat afford for your date, you should try to hand make something a little more heartfelt. It’s through being creative that you can really show someone how well you know them, and not that you just listen to them talk about something they really really want. And people who don’t have a date should use Valentine’s Day as a chance to be goofy with friends, or have a girls’ night. Valentine’s isn’t designed to rob people’s banks and make others feel bad about themselves. It’s designed for you to be able to show your love to someone – whether it be your boyfriend, parents, siblings, or friends.

Through the Wall

I recently wrote a poem for OVS‘s love poetry competition. While I didn’t win, I was pretty proud of what I wrote. I realize that this is more of a short story than a poem but I spoke from the heart. Whenever people read something, they always question who or what it’s about. This is simply a story about forbidden love. Read and interpret for yourselves.

She was the one he could never quite reach.

There was always some barrier keeping them apart.

He didn’t understand why.

The wall was solid.

He knew she was on the other side.

It was all that was ever on his mind.

How everyday, he’d try.

Just to be next to her.

And he’d try

And try.

And try.

You would think that constant failure would render him helpless.

But his love for her wouldn’t let him stop.

Then one day, one lone hole emerged in the wall.

He could see the light.

She was beautiful.

He had never seen anything like her.

He needed to be with her.

He was in love.

And there was no way out.

As one wall was falling

a new wall was forming

He realized that as his desire for her burned inside,

he was trapped.

He was never getting away from his love.

Her radiance shown as if she truly was an angel.

Infatuation, obsession, affection,

He felt helpless without her.

As he fell harder and harder, the wall began to crumble away.

The wall sheltering him from escape was now impassable.

He could see her face.

And she looked on him with bright eyes

The two never looking away

She smiled at him

And he smiled back

He saw his chance, and tried to reduce the rest of the wall to rubble.

Taking any opportunity to make her realize

He loved her

Piece by piece

Brick by brick

He pushed through

And he held her

And she him

They were finally together

After so much determination

His efforts to make her realize

How he really felt

And she was beautiful

He was not blinded by his addiction

She was flawless in nature

Her entire being was bright

Her eyes, stars that envied the night sky

Her smile, the only thing that made him happy

Her voice, sweeter and softer than the sounds of the most glorious choirs

Her heart, only for him

Her touch, made him hope that she’d never take her hand away

She refused to accept it at first

But somehow

He knew that she did

And somehow

She knew that she loved him.

The wall between them had fallen.

And a new wall surrounded them.

But they were together

And that’s all he ever wanted.

Valentine’s Day-Damn Love!!!!

Well this was one roller coaster of a week. I had a bunch of stuff planned and then was forced to scramble it together at the last minute as usual. I don’t know how everything snowballed into nothingness. I screwed up, that much is for sure.

First things first. You gotta take care of the flowers. I had a huge bouquet planned. Then I realized the real prices of flowers. So I did some digging, made some calls, and had a big arrangement planned.

And then everything collapsed. Valentine’s Day Eve, I had to make another reach out to my friends and they were awesome enough to help me out and grab some flowers on their way to school that day.

Then, one of my teachers, who doubles as my girlfriend’s teacher, allowed me to surprise my girlfriend during their class that morning. I showed up with a dozen roses and a balloon saying happy valentine’s day.

I gave them to her and she couldn’t have been happier. The past couple days since then have been far from perfect, but hopefully, the dust will settle soon.

Valentine’s Day, I hate you and your shipping complications.

Love is a poem.

I am so glad that I won the first place at the Love Poetry Contest this year, with my favorite work called “Retainment” which was also my first post on this blog.

People talk about love all the time, however, nobody could tell what love really is. I think love is a piece of poem – not too long, but really profound. I love writing poems because every word talks and contains it’s own feeling.

Love is a poem – the memory you can remember forever after you read it and understand it. And i have to say, it is not easy.

Everyone is talking about love in their own definitions. Throughout history, poets write about love, singers sing love, musicians play love. But no one can explain love.

During my English class last Friday, Ms. Wilson introduced to us her favorite love poem, and i think this poem just portrays love perfectly:

A Deep-Sworn Vow
By William Butler Yeats
Others because you did not keep
That deep-sworn vow have been friends of mine;
Yet always when I look death in the face,
When I clamber to the heights of sleep,
Or when I grow excited with wine,
Suddenly I meet your face.

Yes, love is when you look into someone’s eyes, you see everything you need.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s enjoy love, the most beautiful poem of life.

Valentines Day!

To be honest, out of all the Hallmark holidays this is my favorite. I mean what girl doesn’t want to get chocolate and flowers on any given day? But Valentines day isn’t just Valentines day, it’s actually national Condom Day, the start of WA Sexual Health Awareness Week, and a very likely day for a couple to break up.

What a crazy holiday! I’m watching four girls make hearts for the game we have at Upper, and they’re all talking about how awful it is to be single on Valentines day.

But at least we girls don’t have to talk to guys!

My senior friend Madisen, theotherblackgirl, and I are taking a vow of silence for the whole day in order to keep our hearts. I mean, why not? We’re taking part in a school activity and just being silly.

And for the breaking up part, I hope all of those who are currently in relationships watch out. I will be. The statistics apparently say that most partners second guess each other on Valentines day. The statistic seems realistic, but hopefully not for the people here!

Overall, good luck tomorrow WordPress world!

My information is from here by the way.

Valentine’s Day Dessert

Last Valentine’s Day, I attempted to be a really cute girlfriend and make him desserts from scratch (after all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach). My plan was to make him two desserts. Dessert #1: chocolate dipped strawberries. Dessert #2: heart-shaped sugar cookies with royal frosting.

I had made the desserts the morning of Valentine’s Day and I had all my ingredients laid out. I melted the chocolate, dipped the strawberries, and laid them out to harden. Yum, maybe I’ll taste one (or two…or three) to make sure they are alright. Next were the sugar cookies. I made the dough, flattened it out with a wooden roller into even sheets, and cut out heart shaped cookies. Aww, these are so cute! He’s gonna love these! I placed them on a buttered metal pan and waited. BUT WAIT! TODAY’S OUR SOCCER GAME! I ran up the stairs into my room to dig my uniform out of the abyss of my laundry basket…

The smell of burnt cookies filled the kitchen. I arrived to the scene of the crime and removed the hard, browned cookies from the oven. I sighed. These are ruined! I pulled out the other two pans of cookies. They were just perfect! Yes!! I quickly iced them and set them in the fridge to harden. I’ll get back to those later.

After the game, I wrapped the strawberries in little bags and placed them in a glass jar that I bought from Rain’s specifically for that purpose. Ohmigosh I’m the cutest! Then the cookies. OH NO…oh no…oh. no. The cookies had come out and baked into triangles. I had forgotten that cookies expanded in the oven. The hearts expanded into triangles. I gave them to him anyway, telling him that they were love triangles.

This year, I will send him cupcakes from Cupcake and Cookie. They are based in Thousand Oaks and they won the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars so I know they are tasty. Plus! They deliver! But, I will attempt to make him a treat that is made from scratch this year. I they will come out great. I hope.