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The home we love

There have been earthquakes and avalanches tearing down my old trees. Pushing them over like they’re nothing but toothpicks. There have been tsunamis flooding what used to be my home. Now it is just a house that I live in, … Continue reading

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Quiet is violent

“I am not as fine as I seem, pardon.” – Twenty One Pilots Damn right you’re not perfect! Why else would you make us wait for your new album for THREE YEARS! You have this huge fanbase that follows you … Continue reading

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What a punderful world!

Many people hate me for it, or get annoyed in the bang-their-head-on-the-table kinda way. But I just can’t help it. I really, really love puns! I think they are punny, puntastic, and it’s straight up a lot of pun to … Continue reading

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I’m not a very good writer. I don’t have a lot of fancy words to use, I don’t have perfect grammar, not even my handwriting is very nice. Yet, I can put my heart into my writing. I can spend … Continue reading

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