Worst Person 28-Elvis Dumervil Edition

I’m not calling Elvis the worst person. I’m calling his situation the worst thing in sports this past week. No, I’m not taking the March Madness angle on the worst things to happen. I made a bracket based on literally no knowledge. I rooted for Temple, and they’re gone.

I want to focus on one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard. Yes, this beats Manti Teo in my opinion. Although, that one has an answer.

This one does not.

Elvis Dumervil and the Broncos were trying to renegotiate his contract in order to accommodate some of the new free agent signings that were coming to Denver, like Wes Welker. Elvis was set to take a 2013 pay cut from 12 million to 8 million. He agreed, and signed a faxed contract. The team had a deadline before being forced to pay Elvis the 12 million. They needed the contract done so they could save the extra 4 million bucks. But, everything was set. Elvis signed, and his agent was faxing the contract back to Denver.

Unfortunately for Elvis and the Broncos, the fax was six minutes late. So, what does Denver do? Should they suck it up and pay Elvis the 12?



Because an agent was unable to send a simple fax on time, a man lost his job, which then led to the agent losing HIS job.

The Broncos then were forced to treat their All Pro defensive end as a free agent. He was fair game for the rest of the league. So they went ahead and offered him a fast contract to come back to Denver.

One problem though.

This time, Elvis said NO!!!!

Don’t get mad at me, Elway. This is on you guys.

The Broncos were shocked, as was I. Elvis was walking away from Denver because of an agent.

Time was running out. And then, we get to today, Sunday, March 24th.

Elvis Dumervil signs with the Baltimore Ravens.


The agent, Marty Magid, doesn’t exactly have a lot of other high profile clients. In fact, here’s his client list. There’s no one really of note on this list.

Personally, I would not hire Marty Magid if I were coming into the league. Heck, at this point, I wouldn’t hire him for a mailroom job. He’d need to know how to fax, and he clearly has no idea.

Dude just looks creepy, huh?


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