Yes. Yes you did.

“We just messed up royally,” Mike D’antoni said about last night’s loss to the Wizards.

And yes, you all definitely did.

It’s not that I’m upset that they lost to such a low-seeded team, it’s that they lost to such a low-seeded team this late in the year. It’s kind of important for the Lakers to be winning right now, as it’s their last chance to get into the playoffs.

While we’re on the subject, the playoffs have become kind of a joke this year for the Lakers. If they make the playoffs, that’s when I’ll be done. Just making the playoffs would be like winning the championship (which is sad when you have four all-stars on your lineup).

Like I’ve said before, I’m blaming this catastrophic loss on whoever has been picking the coaches. I guarantee you that if Phil Jackson was coaching this team, they would be on a stupid win streak, and not the Heat.

But I still hold fast to my beliefs that the Lakers will make the playoffs. Utah just lost again, so I think we’ll get the 8th seed. But, after that, playing the Spurs won’t be too much fun.


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