Time to Design Life.

Recently, I have been doing a story on our school’s new costume design program. And as a approach to the story, I find myself also attracted by the power of design.

In the story, the concept of the “dress form” confused people a lot, especially for people who don’t understand the differences between a “dress form” and a “mannequin.” Therefore, I decide to write a blog to make it clear that these two items are TOTALLY different.

First of all, a dress form is a three-dimensional model used for sewing or displaying clothing. Tailors and dress makers use dress forms to work and construct dresses in order to make them more capable and fit to human bodies. Therefore, in my story, Ms. Beverly used a dress form to hold the bodice, so that her student can decorate it by hand.

Mannequins are derived from the concept of dress forms, but mannequins are mostly used to display fashion items such as dresses, handbags and coats. The first fashion display mannequin was made and used in France in the mid-19th century. Mannequins were first made of chewed paper and then made of wax, glass, and plastic. They usually have the arms and legs part. Therefore, a mannequin focuses more on the entire body effects.

The story I did gave me a sense of creativity and made me want to design something, too.

Let’s start now, It’s time to design life!


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