Yes. Yes you did.

“We just messed up royally,” Mike D’antoni said about last night’s loss to the Wizards.

And yes, you all definitely did.

It’s not that I’m upset that they lost to such a low-seeded team, it’s that they lost to such a low-seeded team this late in the year. It’s kind of important for the Lakers to be winning right now, as it’s their last chance to get into the playoffs.

While we’re on the subject, the playoffs have become kind of a joke this year for the Lakers. If they make the playoffs, that’s when I’ll be done. Just making the playoffs would be like winning the championship (which is sad when you have four all-stars on your lineup).

Like I’ve said before, I’m blaming this catastrophic loss on whoever has been picking the coaches. I guarantee you that if Phil Jackson was coaching this team, they would be on a stupid win streak, and not the Heat.

But I still hold fast to my beliefs that the Lakers will make the playoffs. Utah just lost again, so I think we’ll get the 8th seed. But, after that, playing the Spurs won’t be too much fun.


Worst Person 28-Elvis Dumervil Edition

I’m not calling Elvis the worst person. I’m calling his situation the worst thing in sports this past week. No, I’m not taking the March Madness angle on the worst things to happen. I made a bracket based on literally no knowledge. I rooted for Temple, and they’re gone.

I want to focus on one of the most bizarre stories I’ve ever heard. Yes, this beats Manti Teo in my opinion. Although, that one has an answer.

This one does not.

Elvis Dumervil and the Broncos were trying to renegotiate his contract in order to accommodate some of the new free agent signings that were coming to Denver, like Wes Welker. Elvis was set to take a 2013 pay cut from 12 million to 8 million. He agreed, and signed a faxed contract. The team had a deadline before being forced to pay Elvis the 12 million. They needed the contract done so they could save the extra 4 million bucks. But, everything was set. Elvis signed, and his agent was faxing the contract back to Denver.

Unfortunately for Elvis and the Broncos, the fax was six minutes late. So, what does Denver do? Should they suck it up and pay Elvis the 12?



Because an agent was unable to send a simple fax on time, a man lost his job, which then led to the agent losing HIS job.

The Broncos then were forced to treat their All Pro defensive end as a free agent. He was fair game for the rest of the league. So they went ahead and offered him a fast contract to come back to Denver.

One problem though.

This time, Elvis said NO!!!!

Don’t get mad at me, Elway. This is on you guys.

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Need to Skate

Seeing as the hockey season has been over for about a month or so I haven’t been on the ice as much.

The season just started this past Thursday, but sadly I had to bench myself and sit in bed at home sick.

Tomorrow night is the 2nd game of the season and I am ecstatic about lacing up the skates and going out to play hockey.

I honestly have not skated as much as I should have in this off season, but hey I can’t be perfect.

What I really need is to find time to start lifting in the gym again, but I have no idea where that is going to fit in.

This season is going to be the one, I feel it.

Last season brought some new faces to Team USA, myself included, but this season we have all worked together and we know what we are walking into.

It is time to get down to business and change the face of Team USA.

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NFL Pro Bowl-Vote Today

So apparently, at the NFL owners’ meeting, the team representatives are discussing adding some more benefits to the NFL Pro Bowl, the lamest All Star event in all of professional sports.

As you guys probably recall, I wrote a blog a couple months ago about my opinions on the Big 4 All Star celebrations. I illustrated the four events, and how I think they all stack up. NBA and NHL sport very strong All Star celebrations. MLB does a solid job making the game have some playoff ramifications.

The NFL has nothing. It’s just a scrimmage. There is nothing making it any more fun except like the other three leagues, fans have a say in who plays in the game.

Today, the team reps are going to discuss adding a fantasy draft to the Pro Bowl. Allow me to explain.

In the NHL, rather than having an East and West team, the league elects two captains who alternate choosing players that they want to have on their rosters. They used to have an East-West matchup but they found this to be more entertaining. They were completely accurate. I love the fantasy draft.

The NFL, MLB and NBA play conference games (games pitting one half against the other half). MLB has AL and NL, NBA has East-West and NFL has AFC-NFC.

The NFL may be the next team to adopt the NHL’s alignment.

Apparently, we may see two captains choosing teams regardless of conference. I think that could make the game a little more interesting. At some point, there must be some sort of benefit for winning. The linemen don’t even block. It’s a disgraceful game. But, they are keeping it around for one more year.

They gotta do something. The Pro Bowl is in danger.

I am With You.

I Am With You

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”

I need you like I need the air to breathe

Love is more than a word
it says so much.
This is only happened since
I fell in love with you.

as I am with you
Why this word does this
I haven’t got a clue.

I miss you all day just all the time
My day is your night
My dark is your bright.
When I look at the moon
When I talk on the phone
When I write this poem
I am always be with you.

I hope you’re as happy being with me
as I am with you.

Bankers and the Peril of Humans


A bank.

Some would say a symbol of prosperity.

Or a symbol of capitalism.

Or even greed.

The trouble is not the banking institution.

No, no, it is the humans that run it.

The bankers are the problem.

Humans are greedy creatures naturally.

If  given access to wealth, nature will take its due course.

The course of nature is to exploit weaker creatures.

Governments pretend to be surprised.

They pretend to prosecute all in the name of economic freedom.

Capitalism however leaves no room for this freedom.

An uncorrupt system does not base a human’s value off worthless paper.

One day the people will have enough and the system will cease to exist.