The Rolling Stone is Wrong. Part 2.

Several days ago, I wrote a blog explaining why the Rolling Stone’s list of the top 100 guitarists ever was wrong. Today I’ll be explaining why their list of the 100 greatest singers is wrong.

The Real Top 100 Singers of All Time

1.    Rolling Stone Says: Aretha Franklin

       Jack Beverly Says: James Brown

It’s kind of hard to throw Aretha Franklin off of the top spot, especially for the reason I’m about to give. James brown just had…more. Not only was he the greatest singer of all time, but he was the greatest showman too. He’s just everything a singer should be, times a million. I warn you, what you’re about to see is quite possibly the greatest performance ever. Take a seat before you watch it.

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2.     Rolling Stone Says: Ray Charles

        Jack Beverly Says: Aretha Franklin

If you look up soul in the dictionary, you won’t find it. Instead, in its place, you’ll see a big picture of Aretha Franklin taking up about half of the page. Aretha Franklin is one of those few people that when she sings, it just sounds so damn easy. It just sounds like that’s the way she talks. If music had a mother, it would be Ms. Franklin.

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3.     Rolling Stone Says: Elvis Presley

        Jack Beverly Says: Steve Winwood

If we were going with the most influential singers of all time, maybe Elvis wouldn’t be knocked off the top three. But, since its just the best singers, I have to go with Steve Winwood. Spencer Davis group, Traffic and Blind Faith are just a few of Winwood’s accomplishments. If I could only listen to one singer for the rest of my life, it would have to be this guy. He never forces his voice, and it just sounds right.

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