NFL Free Agency-Eagles Flyin’ High

Free agency is a time where the mediocre teams of the NFL decide to add some new talent. It is a time to overpay for talent that usually wouldn’t command this kind of money. Free agency is confusing, but at the same time, makes all the sense in the world.

Well, it makes sense to me. But, a lot of people don’t get this. It’s alright though. It’s just what I do.

Anyway, the Eagles decided to crush the opening day, signing 5 players to contracts. The biggest signing, Issac Sopoaga, will play nose tackle in the Eagles’ new 3-4 defense. We needed a nose tackle and we got one. That was just day 1.

On my big board, I wanted the Eagles to pursue three big name guys. Those players are DaShon Goldson, Eric Winston, and Sean Smith. Goldson and Smith have signed with the Buccaneers and Chiefs respectively. Eric Winston is still out there, but there has been very little news surrounding his signing.

Day 2 was very slow. I don’t recall any signings by the Birds. I just heard a bunch of rumors surrounding Darrelle Revis trade possibilities. It is beginning to look like the Birds won’t be getting the prized corner.

After Day 3 finished, I was totally content with missing out on him.

Three more signings occurred on Thursday.

First off was the signing of former Ravens cornerback Cary Williams. You may remember him as the Raven that pushed a ref during the Super Bowl.

His background goes farther than that. He’s young and he’s got solid stats. He will likely be an instant starter in Philly.

Next up was our retaliation against the Giants.

The “G-men” decided to break a years long unwritten truce. The Giants don’t sign our free agents and we don’t sign theirs. They signed Cullen Jenkins. They aren’t allowed to. But they did it.

And we signed Kenny Phillips away a few days later.

I’ll discuss the others at a later time.

For now, I bid thee farewell.


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