Lacrosse Week

This past week marked the first 3 games of the 2013 lacrosse season.

Our first game was against the York School from Monterrey, CA.

The team was on a southern California road trip and had played four games prior to their game against us last Saturday.

Our team on the other hand had not yet practiced as a whole team yet, and it was evident on the field.

The team has many beginning players and adding new players changes the chemistry of the team every year.

It is an adjustment period to learn how people play the game and to be able to predict how they will react to certain situations.

Come game time I was excited to be back on the field from 9 months ago.

For most of the game York was dominating offensively and defensively ultimately scoring 11 goals.

The game almost ended in a shut out until one of our star returning players, Grant Spencer, scored the one goal of the game.

We all celebrated like we had won the game, but to us it was a victory because we did not give their goalie the shutout.

Final score was 1-11 L.

I was disappointed, but also realized it was the first game of the season and we had a lot of room to grow.

On Wednesday came the game against Laguna Blanca, a game I look forward to every year no matter what sport I’m playing whether it be football or lacrosse. Even when I’m not playing in the game, but the school is, I get excited.

Many think that Thatcher is our biggest rival, and they are, but they are our biggest hometown rival. Laguna Blanca is our biggest rival over all.

Most games with Laguna consist of some mouthing off from players and their parents which at our level of play can get a little out of hand.

We aren’t playing Division 1 sports, what parents need to remember is:

1. They aren’t playing

2. Their kids aren’t sports stars

3. It’s just a game

Laguna games can at time go beyond the physicality of said sport as well.

Soccer games have consisted of some shoving, football some hits after the whistle, and lacrosse becomes more physical as anger and tensions grow.

On Wednesday the OVS spuds dominated the 1st quarter, and part of the 2nd.

Laguna started to answer back and at one point had an 8-7 lead over us.

With only a few minutes remaining the game was tied up 8-8 and sent us into overtime.

When a regulation win cannot be secured OT is one of the next most fun things about the sport.

The excitement grows, and that sudden death goal feels even better than a goal in the game.

In the 1st OT period Grant scored the game winner and secured the victory over our rival.

It was a well fought game between both teams and was surprisingly clean and well played.

I am excited to go up against them again May 1. We appreciate all the support we get and your participation as a spectator would be greatly appreciated.

After our win on Wednesday we went into our game on Saturday against Midland, one of the best schools we play if not the best.

When you go to Midland I don’t think there is much else to do than school and playing lacrosse, and it shows.

The game did not go as we had hoped, but there was growth from the first game.

The defense worked better as a unit as did the offense.

Sadly we were unable to secure another victory giving Midland the 13-4 win.

I was frustrated after the game because I always find myself second guessing how physical I should be.

Hurting someone doesn’t always come naturally to me and I always question whether I should go for the hit or sit back and let the man come to me, but once he comes to me he shoots and often scores.

I need to find a way to unleash the beast within and not think about it and, borrowing Nike‘s slogan, Just Do It. 

When I play hockey I don’t think I just do, but that isn’t the case with lacrosse and football.

I don’t know the game as well and therefor calculate what I do when I should just be doing.

Hopefully our game this Wednesday against Royal High School will go better.

Please come support us Wednesday afternoon at the lower campus.


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