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Sports vs. Education

With sports comes a tedious amount of dedication, which does not always correspond with school; because, despite the amount of dedication sports require, school requires a thousand times that amount. Many kids who wish to pursue their sports throughout high school, … Continue reading

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What does it take to be a lacrosse goalie?

Lacrosse. A sport that was played by the Native Americans. A sport that solves the problems of war. Instead of killing each other with swords and bows, many chose to play the game of lacrosse. (The solution of the problem would … Continue reading

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American Football Meets Crumpets

October 25 marked the thirteenth NFL game in London’s Wembley stadium since 2007. The less than disappointing bout between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars was witnessed by over 84,000 cheering Brits. I hope that they know they are cheering … Continue reading

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Make It or Break It

Club season is back again! Every year in October, each volleyball club holds a series of tryouts for the upcoming season. In the past I’ve played for California Heat Volleyball Club. I decided to return back to my club for … Continue reading

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The Week That Changed My Life

This year, my club volleyball team California Heat had the opportunity to go to the Volleyball Festival, which is otherwise known as Nationals, in Phoenix, Arizona. We left on a Tuesday night at 12 a.m. so we could drive all night. The … Continue reading

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Equestrianism is Not a Sport… Say Football Players

One of the debates currently coursing through the student body at OVS is between football players and equestrians. The football players seem to think that horse-back riding is not a sport. First of all, I’d like to invite football players … Continue reading

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A Week to Remember

Well, this week has been just incredible. I have faced a TON of success this week. The big day was Thursday, where I not only received a strong SAT score but also won 1st place in the sports writing category … Continue reading

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