NFL Pro Bowl-Vote Today

So apparently, at the NFL owners’ meeting, the team representatives are discussing adding some more benefits to the NFL Pro Bowl, the lamest All Star event in all of professional sports.

As you guys probably recall, I wrote a blog a couple months ago about my opinions on the Big 4 All Star celebrations. I illustrated the four events, and how I think they all stack up. NBA and NHL sport very strong All Star celebrations. MLB does a solid job making the game have some playoff ramifications.

The NFL has nothing. It’s just a scrimmage. There is nothing making it any more fun except like the other three leagues, fans have a say in who plays in the game.

Today, the team reps are going to discuss adding a fantasy draft to the Pro Bowl. Allow me to explain.

In the NHL, rather than having an East and West team, the league elects two captains who alternate choosing players that they want to have on their rosters. They used to have an East-West matchup but they found this to be more entertaining. They were completely accurate. I love the fantasy draft.

The NFL, MLB and NBA play conference games (games pitting one half against the other half). MLB has AL and NL, NBA has East-West and NFL has AFC-NFC.

The NFL may be the next team to adopt the NHL’s alignment.

Apparently, we may see two captains choosing teams regardless of conference. I think that could make the game a little more interesting. At some point, there must be some sort of benefit for winning. The linemen don’t even block. It’s a disgraceful game. But, they are keeping it around for one more year.

They gotta do something. The Pro Bowl is in danger.


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