Viruses have NO nationality

Last week, I went to a basketball game at another school. 

Before the game, my Chinese friend was sneezing five times in a row due to her allergies.

The referee saw her and made a really stupid joke. 

“You got that virus too?”

No one laughed, except him. 

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I saw the news today. 

In the subway station in NYC, an Asian lady was attacked for wearing a mask, and called a ‘Diseased B*tch’. 

I was totally shocked, I just couldn’t understand it. 

I thought mask means protection, for the people who are wearing it. 

But in that news, mask brought her something completely different from protection.

This is a story that my friend told me. 

She is a student abroad in Sydney, and when she called a taxi from the airport to school. 

The first sentence driver said to her: “Are you from China?”

She said: “Yes.”

The driver said: “Don’t open your mouth in the car.”

She was so confused and astounded, feeling endlessly helpless.

Ebola is not an African virus, H1N1 is not a Mexican virus, and the coronavirus is not a Chinese virus.

Viruses have NO nationality.

Racism is the MOST dangerous virus.

Let’s go against viruses together, NOT Chinese.

Black Mamba

While I was enjoying the beautiful weather of Ojai this morning, I got a text from my friends that made my heart drop, “Kobe Bryant was found dead with his daughter after the helicopter crash.” When I got this text, I thought it was some kind of joke or rumor that some people were spreading, and after checking all types of social media, I realized that it was true. I just couldn’t admit that my all-time favorite basketball player would leave us like this. There have been a few tragic events like this, but Kobe’s death just hit different to me. Kobe Bryant was the first player that I knew from basketball, and while me and my friends were playing basketball, I remember shouting “Kobe!” when I took the shot. He was a great mentor for a lot of people including me in and out of the court. Kobe Bryant might be gone in real life, but he will always have a special place in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant.

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Thoughts of the Unathletic

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Saturday night was the OVS Alumni basketball game, and, even to my surprise, I attended. I’m not much of a sports person, and this, in fact, was the first basketball game I have ever watched (aside from seeing Lamar Odom’s game scenes in the reality show “Khloé and Lamar” and from passing by my living room while my dad has a basketball game on.)

I have many questions. Do the players ever get scared of going for the basketball? I mean, it could hit you, or just give you calluses on your hands. Also, the players run into each other a lot. If it were me, I’d stay far away from the pack of players, which, obviously, is counterintuitive and pointless – maybe this is why I don’t play contact sports. Also, do some players foul each other just so they can go back to the bench? I’m pretty sure I saw that happen once, and that’s definitely what I would do. But, after watching the game tonight, I have a great deal of respect for the student and alumni players. They have a lot of athletic talent and the ability to run for 40 minutes – two things I do not possess.

Worst Person 31-Raptors Mascot

Well, I’m back and ready to get another worst person in sports out. This episode doesn’t even involve an athlete or a coach or even an owner. There’s no front office propaganda or anything like that. No crimes were committed, but a MASCOT tore his Achilles.

Yup, you read that right.

The Toronto Raptors’ mascot tore his Achilles tendon during a performance for a school in Halifax.

The main problem with this is that now Toronto doesn’t have a mascot. For some reason, every article I’ve read about this “injury” classifies the Raptors as a team with playoff aspirations.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this accusation. I feel a little weird writing about basketball during football season, considering that of the big four professional sports in the US, basketball is at the bottom of my list.

Other than Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry, there’s not a whole lot of talent on their predicted starting five.

Quite honestly, I don’t even remotely care about the state of the Toronto Raptors, or basketball at all right now. It’s football season.

I just think it’s a little bit strange how a MASCOT is getting national recognition when his team plays in Canada.

That’s just two things that don’t register with me.

Kevin Ware

There are no other words I feel comfortable putting in this title. I’m not going to show you guys the video or anything like that. This is mainly about how hard an athlete has to work to reach his goals. Kevin Ware is no different than anyone in the sense that he worked hard at what he loved. He loved basketball and because of what happened yesterday, he can probably never play again.

By now, just about everyone knows about the Kevin Ware incident. He jumped up to block a shot and while landing, his leg crumpled in a number of spots. According to reports, his tibia went through his skin and was exposed. This goes down as possibly one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports. It’s right up there with Joe Theismann.

I don’t want to talk about it too much. But what I do want to point out is something I saw on Facebook the other day. There was a picture by Adidas posted on their wall, asking the public “Is there anyone on YOUR team that brings out the best in you?”. I immediately started thinking about players I had competed with at any given time. I thought of a few, but after this moment in the game yesterday, I undoubtedly believe that Ware is one of the most inspirational players I’ve ever seen.

He spoke to his coach Rick Pitino and some of his teammates as he was being tied to the stretcher. “Just win the game” he said to his teammates.

A man who is laying on the ground with part of his bone out of his skin still tries to rally his teammates. And it worked.

Louisville won by 22 points and buried Duke. It was inspirational, and I wish Kevin Ware the very best.

Why the Pro Bowl doesn’t matter

A lot of people await the rosters for the NFL Pro Bowl each year. I am guilty of the same thing. However, much like 95% of the NFL population, we couldn’t care less about the outcome of the game.

The Pro Bowl is the unlike any of the Big 4 All star celebrations. By the Big 4, I mean NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. The NBA, which I despise, has the All Star game, the rookie and sophomore game, the Dunk competition and the 3 point shot competition.

The MLB is the only one to my knowledge whose All Star game actually has an impact on the actual season. The NL and AL compete. The winner is granted the majority (4 games) in the World Series. Home field is always nice. Anyway, the game is preceded by the Home Run Derby, which I am an annual viewer.

The NHL has the most impressive All Star break of them all. Along with the game, which is always exciting and VERY high scoring, there are numerous skill competitions throughout the weekend, which include the Sniper competition and the Hardest shot, which isn’t much because Zdeno Chara is a freak of nature.

Anyway, the Pro Bowl is useless in every way. There’s a game that has no lasting implications on the season and no side competitions. It’s used to fill the gap between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. It’s simply a waste of time. I almost never watch the game and will very rarely watch any of the highlights following.

I can’t stand the Pro Bowl, and neither do the players.

Except these guys…they seem to be enjoying themselves with some very attractive hula girls.

The Basketball Game of the Century

Man was that awesome or what?

The OVS Alumni basketball game was sure one for the ages. It was cool to see the basketball team face the Alumni in a very close game. However, the highlight was one play.

While the boys’ team and the Alumni had many impressive moments, I have to tell you…coach Floyd went crazy on the court.

While he only played for about 20 seconds, he was able to shoot a 3-pointer and then rifled a baseball pitch-style pass all the way down the court for fellow alum Parker Colborn to shoot an easy layup.

The Alum came out on top and did it in style.

What a game!

Ain’t No Tomorrow

Ain’t No Tomorrow,” was the mentality, the driving force, the inspiration, and the trigger for the greatest run through the post season the NBA has ever seen. The 2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers were an interesting spectacle. Injuries, a new cast, and most of all, a loss of harmony and togetherness between it’s two main characters make this season sound like a popular soap opera one would tune in to watch on NBC. Also on NBC, the NBA was the main sports broadcast, and so were the Los Angeles Lakers who in a season went to hell and back to leave us with the greatest showing of post season dominance we as fans have ever seen.

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“TOGETHER” we achieved it.

My room, 11:46: If you walked in you’d find me watching game film. I had a coke in hand so as not to doze off during the 4th quarter, and as I tried to find a comfortable position, my eyes were ever glued to my computer screen. Deficits of 13-0, 35-28 and 40-32 were erased as we fought with such resilience and the grit of warriors that even the most unemotional soul would have burst into applause.

When it got there, to the play I wanted, I rewinded and replayed until I was satisfied. I remember it as if I was still there. Ojai Valley School running “Duke,” a defensive play. Less than half a minute to go, 49-48 Thacher. Thacher’s guard throws the ball away, I hustle the width of the court to retrieve the ball before it went out. I get it, immediately pass to guard Alex Alvirez. The pump fake, defender goes flying by, Alex drains the three, we’re up 51-49. My Facebook status after the game received comment after comment describing the back and forth, come from behind win in their gym as, “intense.”

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A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention so you don’t get me wrong.

Just like the majority of American viewers on July 8th 2010, I just loved having an hour of my free time devoted to some creep in a purple dress shirt form a relevant sentence only to break the collective heart of an entire state. I just loved it.

Some may call him arrogant, some, overrated, some may call him a straight up a-hole, but hear me out here: “the decision” is seeming to work out, not just for The Miami Heat, but for LeBron James himself in more ways than one when it comes to winning basketball games.

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