Dang sports, you scary!!!

Today, as I’m sure the spectators of the OVS girls’ soccer game witnessed, freshman Ali Fortier took a strong kick directly in the face, causing her to have a serious bloody nose. Now, I know this isn’t the usual Worst Person in Sports that I’m sure you readers are accustomed to, and I promise I’ll be back at that later. But I felt like this particular game needed to be addressed.

Not only did the OVS squad play a girl down for the entire game, but the fighting spirit by all of the girls was there from the opening kickoff. Despite the score, it was really a thrilling game to witness.

However, I was appalled to witness that the opposing team, which I will refer to as “Team X” continued to run up the score after Ali Fortier was forced to head to the sideline with that ball to the face that I mentioned earlier.

For about 25 minutes of play, OVS played with 8 position players and a goalie while Team X played with 10 position players and a goalie.

The worst part? Team X was winning by about 4 goals. The game was far out of reach.

So why, might I ask, did the coach even warrant this atrocious mindset? Why was this allowed?

I would love to hear feedback from any readers because this just shocks me.

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